So, a damn good day. Damn good. Spent the day snowmachining up in the Caribou Hills. An absolutely perfect day. The weather was amazing, the scenery breathtaking and the feeling of just being alive was overwhelming. The three pictures above were taken looking down on Tustemena Lake, where I intend to spend a big chunk of my summer.
Part of me feels bad that the girls aren't involved in this part of my life. But part of me is just still amazed to be in Alaska. I am determined to live each day to the fullest. I was thinking today how cool it will be when J and Kadee and Alissa Jaye are able to do this stuff with me. Soon enough. J deserves to see all of this and the girls deserve to grow up just as amazed by Alaska as I still am. A damn good day. P.S. I head back to Kotzebue on Tuesday. I was offered the chance again and snapped at it. This will be the last of my travels for some time. At least until Alissa is born.


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