So, tomorrow I head out for three weeks. First to Kotzebue. Look at this map on the western edge. Way up, above the Arctic circle. I have never been away from home for this long and I must admit that I am nervous. Kotzebue can be described as a Native village of just over 3000 people. See for more info. It is "damp" so there is no place to drink or o go I am told. It will be cold. I will be living at the back of a trailer in a room that is 125 square feet. Hell, it should be the adventure of a lifetime. What is best about it is that I come back from Kotz and almost immediately head to Las Vegas to see Jeremy, whom I miss intensely. The last six months of my life have been filled with incredibly intense emotions. Thankfully, my depression is now in full retreat and I am actively hunting down stragglers. Even so, I can only wonder what it will be like to sit in 10x12 room in a tiny village where I know no one. I am excited and scared. I am taking the .300 win mag as the limit is 5 caribou per day. Yes, per day. Maybe I will find a way to get out and find some. I hope this trip is worth it: there are those here whom I will miss intensely. I'll write soon with pictures of my great northern adventure. The State has finally unblocked the computers for its lawyers so I hope to be able to blog from Kotzebue.


Anonymous said…
Is it his wife and child he will miss INTENSELY or someone else?
I am sure it is his family he speaks of but one begs the question why not say my family.
J, you know full well that I will miss my friends and family....I meant to include all.
Anonymous said…
Your stories are fascinating, interesting, funny and amazing. Your material would make a great series of books. Hope you consider publishing, or even using them for documentaries one of these days. Likely there are writers and TV shows who would love to explore this idea.

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