So, people keep asking me what I do at night. I seem to keep busy. I must admit I have been enjoying riding the quad around Kotzebue. I am watching this dog and we go for little rides. The only problem is he gets too cold....when I ride at night it is at least -20. I have met people and had dinners over at their house. I have butchered caribou. Last night it was all about laundry: there is no laundromat in town so I borrowed a co-workers machine. The point is that I don't feel bored. A little lonely maybe, but not bored. I also come into the office and do work. I drink. That is an activity all in itself! Except for my family time, life here is not that different than anywhere else. I mean really. What do you do? Work. Go home. Cook dinner. Have a glass of wine. Watch some tv. Do some housework. Read a book. Get ready to work again. I bet that for most of you your life is some variation of the above. Well, here in Kotzebue, me too.


Anonymous said…
amen to that-here's my routine. Work-go home-cook dinner-watch simpsons-hang with husband and son-do some housework-surf the internet-go to bed.

rinse and repeat.

btw, what's with the windshield on the snowmobile? is it frosted over?

Pure ice......that is what happens at -35 at 25 MPH. Imagine what my face looks like!

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