So, it warmed up to -20. Good riding weather. I'm not bragging. I'm serious. When it warms up from -40 to -20, you sure feel it. But I am goofy about the cold anyways: it makes me giddy. The only frustrating part is the fogged glasses. But I wanted to take some pictures of Kotzebue.
I am watching this cabin for a few days and have access to a quad so expect a sickening amount of pictures. Life above the Arctic Circle is great. But I sure miss my family. Kadee I love you more than lines can say.
P.S forgive the frozen lens cap. Why can't they make electronics that like this great weather. Check out the thermometer. I got a haircut today. There is no barber in this town. A local Native woman had me take off my shirt and kneel on some cardboard. Zoom! All gone.


Anonymous said…
Looks like it might rain out there. -50 in the interior.

Walked to work in -25. Cold enough for a man without a beaver hat. Funny story though...only been to Fairbanks once. It was in January and it was raining. Huh.
Anonymous said…
You've convinced me that Anchorage is truly the Banana Belt of Alaska - at -5 degrees. Sheesh.
Stay warm.
Elaine in Anchorage
j said…
Glad to know he misses us......
As for us, same old stuff, we are having a cold spell too, keeping the fire going at night but house still more than chilly in the am.

The puppy has its eyes open and is quite the little pork chop with the buffet of nipples it is having.
As for me the baby is kicking up a storm, she likes to party in the early hours of the morning, or it feels that way to my ribs!
Kadee is also talking up a storm, mostly chit chat but sometimes she will say a few words. She likes talking to my mum on the phone, infact we have a battle of wills over who gets to talk to her more.
Life is getting interesting.
fdr said…
Hey J,

Me and the missus were just talking...the transition from one kid to two is the toughest. With your first baby you basically just sleep when she does....but with your second, you don't get any sleep! Or selse the toddler destorys the house.

ONce you have 3 though, its nothing to have 4 (or I hear 5, 6, ....) Its ALL chaos from that point.

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