So, I'll have to post pics later. This is the worst possible time for my camera to break. I have already seen a lot of neat stuff. G was good enough to go get me a new one in Fairbanks but it hasn't arrived yet. I am having a grand adventure. Last night I drive a quad around at -36. Not too bad really except for my face. In Kotzebue people drive their quads and snowmachines like cars. The town is so small you can easily get around that way. Taking a cab cost $5 anywhere. At work, I am doing the usual stuff with one addition. I am, for the first time in my career, doing bootlegging cases. In Alaska, some places are dry (meaning no booze) and some places are "damp" (like Kotzebue). Damp means you can bring in a certain amount of booze for yourself each month but it cannot be sold. The profits are huge for those willing to risk a C felony however. A bottle of bad whiskey such as Rich and Rare, which goes for $10 or $12 in Anchorage sells for $150 or more in the bush. Of course alcoholism is a major problem here. Many Natives drink in quantities that would kill most people. I have seen people admit to the police that they drank 4 bottles of whiskey before getting in trouble. It is really quite sad and most of the work here seems related to alcohol. I am really hoping that the camera arrives today so that I can show you this place. The arctic blue in the morning. The people. The town. I have access to a quad for the next 4 days and will drive around and take many pictures.
P.S. The camera arrived. Thanks G. Here are some initial pictures taken during lunch. The first two are of the hotel where I am staying and where the Public Defender office is. The one at the bottom is what the town looks like. Note the snow machine parked like a car. Many more pics to follow after work. This place is great.
P.P.S. Check out this pattern in the door of the Kotzebue Public Defender's office. This is natural.....and horribly creepy.


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