So, I just took an hour ride by myself into the tundra. -27 degrees, without the wind. Saw ptarmigan by the dozens. And that's about it. God I love Alaska.


Anonymous said…
obviously your brain has frozen.
Yes, I too love Alaska, but I don't love way below zero weather.
I also love 75 degrees with no clouds.

Too hot. 75 is too hot. There is something exhilirating about that type of cold. Then it is fun to come in and warm up. In less than a week I'll be by the pool at Mandalay Bay in Vegas in 70 degree plus about culture shock!
Anonymous said…
Vegas is sooo money.

Anonymous said…
All those Ptarmagin and no gun to be found. Should have armed yerself.

I am such a fool. I can't beleive that I came up here unarmed. But I have found a gun and am going back sweet.
Anonymous said…
Good. The next photo I want to see is you monkey dance around with a gun in your hands like the Part-Time Scrappa you say you are.

I am a part time friday night scrapper, when I am not panel beatin that is!
Anonymous said…
Its Friday night scrapper, love rat, you panel beating brown bruffas!!

Does the distance make the heart grow fonder?
Maybe, he is happy to "see those people he missed so intensley"

I am looking forward to the summer, alittle warmth will go down well, along with a nce cold beer, alas a few more months to go.
B will be busy, all his vacation time is taken up with friends coming from all over.
From G, B, S and J roll on summer, it should be fun.

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