So, I hate to do it. I really do. Not only because it gives support to the misconception that all public defenders are "liberal", but mainly because of his anti-gun position. But I hope that Barack Obama becomes the next President of the United States. While I was in Kotzebue I had the chance to read his book "Audacity to Hope". I found it large on ideas but small on details. I must admit though, I found myself in agreement with many of his ideas. Funny enough, it was when I saw a speech by his wife that I decided that I hoped he would be the next President. She is one smart lady. It doesn't help that Senator McCain has apparently sold his soul to he far right and has changed his position on the things that matter to me (like global warming, torture, etc.). Even though I can't vote, or even contribute money to his campaign, I can see the world holding it's breath. I have never concealed my contempt for Bush. Nor has the rest of the world, or any educated person in this country that I know. It may be that Barack, if elected, continues the pattern of ignoring those in need in favor of the rich. It may be that he becomes just another politician. But, as much as I would love to suggest a pro-gun Presidential candidate, I think this country, and this world needs a President like the man Obama seems to be. I just hope he flushes all the Bush people down the toilet if he makes it. Go Obama!


maximovitch said…
It seems you value constitutional rights quite a bit on your site. Why not look at Ron Paul for President? You can vote for him without giving the impression that all PD's are "liberal." He's for gun rights, he's an ardent protector of the Constitution, and he wants less government interference in our lives. Dude, don't settle for Obama.
John said…
hahaha Ron Paul, hahahaha.

I agree with you on Obama.
You have to deal with the real world first off, so if anyone votes for Ron Paul or god forbid Ralph Nader then you live on LaLa Land on Lollipop Lane.

They are all scumbags that sold us out a long time ago, professional politicians are the worst kind of creatures. Yet at least Obama has some integrity it seems and has some heart. I think he's the best canidate I've seen in my life time, he's a refreshing change. I to would like to see a canidate with pro-gun views yet that usually is coupled with typical insane conversativism and bullshit. And I don't want to hear about experience or what has Obama done, look at Rumsfeld, Cheaney, and many other examples with 30/40 years of experience and look what they've done. We need some refreshment. If it were up to me the entire system would be deconstructed and rebuilt from scratch, yet America is too pussified for any major change. So, hopefully Obama will stick to his word and change the coarse at least just a little bit.


BTW: If you can remember sometime, Ben I need to get that game processing kit back, if you can find it, the one we used on the first moose. I need to get some things together for a spring brown bear hunt.
BigGame: I have the kit; will return asap. And I agree re throwing away the vote. Obama is not my perfect candidate but it can't hurt to have what seems to be an entirely new perspective in the White House. I mean how many people partly grew up in a Muslim country?
Max said…
"If it were up to me the entire system would be deconstructed and rebuilt from scratch, yet America is too pussified for any major change." How about you take a stand, yourself? I understand, the American public can't be bothered - they're too comfortable.

Have you taken a look at Obama's advisors? They are all from previous administrations - he will change nothing.

Other than just laughing at his name, what is wrong with Ron Paul?--the fact that the corporate media has given him hardly any attention, and thus he is not worthy of yours?

Just look at his record over 20 years in Congress - no votes for tax increases, his insistence on REDUCING spending, and wanting to end military involvement overseas. And don't equate Ron Paul with Nader - RP has actually held office and has much more support - just look at the $20 million he raised last quarter - more than any other Republican.

As attorneys, especially those practicing criminal law, adhering to the Constitution actually matters to protect peoples' rights. When has Obama seriously talked about the Constitution that has been gradually been withered away by those in DC? Vote Ron Paul, the champion of the Constitution.

By the way, Ron Paul voted AGAINST the Patriot Act and all the subsequent variations/renewals.
Max: I don't disagree. The issues that are important to me seem to be those championed by Ron Paul. I wish he had a chance. But he doesn't. And if it is between John "let's be in Iraq another 100 years" McCain or Obama, to me the choice is clear.
max said…
I didn't mean to write such a long message, but I get incensed sometimes. If you don't like Ron Paul, that is completely cool with me - as long as you have VALID, RATIONAL reasons for supporting someone else. What frustrates me is people who just laugh off the candidate who actually cares that the government operates within the Constitution and has a decent support base that will only grow in the future.

I mean, Ron Paul is a 10 term Congressman who has raised millions of dollars for his Presidential campaign, has MEETUP groups across the country, and most of his supporters are YOUNG. And furthermore, it is much more than just about Ron Paul - it is a message that freedom still matters to people in this country and the movement will grow.

In the future, hopefully, we won't have to choose the lesser of two evils amongst the "leading" candidates "who have a legitimate chance." That's all I have to say in this thread. Max
operator101 said…
Per a recent article on him that you, as a lawyer, can understand.


The senator, a former constitutional law instructor, said some scholars argue the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees gun ownerships only to militias, but he believes it grants individual gun rights.

"I think there is an individual right to bear arms, but it's subject to commonsense regulation" like background checks, he said during a news conference.


This appears to track his others on the academic left like Laurence Tribe (see who take the more nuanced view regarding the 2nd Amendment.

Oh, and Ron Paul? Sorry, but I don't think we should return to the gold standard.

"You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold."

What a great monetary police that would be. Jeesh.
Kevin said…

Obama also supports the D.C. gun ban. Exactly how is taking away every person's right to own a handgun for self-defense in a geographic area "commonsense regulation."
Anonymous said…
Dumb statement of the day from John McCain regarding Iraq:

"I will not surrender to al-Qaida"

Hey idiot, al-Qaida had absolutely no presence in Iraq until they came in to blow up Americans after the war started. Brilliant strategy McCain. Let's start wars in countries that don't contain our enemies and maybe our enemies will just come by to fight. Hmmm... maybe if we invade Canada, the North Koreans will come and we can fight them too.

Brutal. The fear mongering about terrorists that the idiots in the mid-west buy into is astounding. "Dat GW Bush der, he's a strate shuter, I tell you what." You know what, 3000 people dying on 9/11. Friggin tragedy. Bad bad bad. THe economy going into the crapper, our infrastructure going into the crapper, and our public education going into the crapper, so we can spend a trillion dollars in Iraq is a far greater tragedy.

Anonymous said…
What a disappointment. Obama is just another big government liberal. He isnt going to end the war in Iraq, he isnt going to stop the sell out of our civil liberties. He isnt going to change a damn thing, except maybe force us to buy health insurance, and push a national ban on CCW and repeating rifles. As much as I hate McCain, and wont vote for him, I wont be voting for Obama either. He is an empty suit who believes the constitution is a 'living document'.


Dude, you cant seriously be considering voting for a social democrat after moving 3000 miles to defend individual liberty...

Anonymous said…
how about his Muslim heritage ???
All Europe is laugh at us....
Anonymous said…
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