So, the hardest part of being here is the food. Or the lack of food more precisely. There are only two restaurants in town and for some reason both are basically Chinese. There used to be a KFC and a Dairy Queen before the bars were voted out of town. The pizza place closed for supposedly bootlegging liquor. There are two "grocery" stores. Food is horribly expensive, such as the gallon of milk costing $9.49. The picture of the fruits and vegetables appears to be it. The apples and potatoes are okay but the tomatoes and such are pretty scary. I can see why the hunting and fishing are so important. I actually negotiated a deal for a client so he could get out of jail and go whaling. I have mixed feelings about that but after seeing what food is available here I find it hard to be critical. If you didn't like to cook you had better learn to like Chinese in a hurry. And bless them, I know they are trying, but the restaurant food here is hardly world class. It is hard to get fresh ingredients. But boy those caribou tenderloins in garlic and butter I cooked the other night were sure good! Of course the caribou was running around less than 48 hours earlier. And that is why hunting and fishing is so critical here.


suzanne said…
It looks REALLY COLD Ben. Hey, I could use some fur if you come across some. HA! In Texas, I could never wear fur and so I love that about Alaska.

I visited J & K and ? (baby on board)the other day and they seem to be doing good. Ken offered to help her with firewood but she said she was getting it in alright. She is very "Hearty" many ways. You have a lovely family and I know you will be glad to get back here.

Although, I am sure the time up there has been fabulous for you!!!!

Yup, J is hardy. I hope Kadee grows up tough too. There is something to be said about being able to look after yourself. I hope that growing up in Alaska helps teach that to my girls.

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