So, greeting from Kotzebue! Wow. It is a different world up here. I was told to be careful of the polar bears around town. I'm not kidding. There are snowmachines going down the sea ice and all over the roads. Tonight I am going over a new friends house to help her butcher two caribou that she got all by herself yesterday. I arrived last night in 26 below weather. The little room I was supposed to stay in turned out to be a nightmare. I am here for an adventure but that was nuts. The door had been pushed in and the place was full of snow. The toilet had frozen over and there was 2 inches of ice on the floor. I couldn't get the door shut and I couldn't feel my hands after trying to clean up. I had to admit defeat and call a cab to go the Hotel. This is the only hotel I have ever seen with a "check your guns" sign! The hotel is where the Public Defender office so it is nice to get up and walk down the hall to work! I am not admitting defeat though: I plan on going back with some better clothes and tools and cleaning up the ice and door. I will have to show you pics of this room: I have literally seen bigger prison cells. I will definitely stay there for a night or two for the adventure. I had best get to work, but am having the time of my life so far! I'll be posting lots and lots of pics of town and my adventures if I can keep my camera working.


Anonymous said…
An good acquintance of mine from lawschool did her internship for the alaska PD in Kotzubue. SHe really enjoyed herself up there. She stayed in a trailer. I think the bush-plane gave her the jitters though. Report back to us on what caribou meat tastes like. take care,

Well the caribou was delicious. I broke TWO digital cameras in the cold today. Two. Pictures are lacking but I have a new camera coming from Fairbanks. I rode a 4 wheeler around town today after work in -30. God I love Alaska.
Mike Ligons said…
Well, I just finished reading your blog from start to finish (with some breaks of course). It has been interesting to read about the changes in your life that have come about and gives me sense of nostalgia for when my own kids were being born. Found you blog because I was looking for info on Alaska PD jobs/benefits, etc. I am 42 years old and have three years left to finish out my run as a judge. My retirement will be fully vested and I am considering relocating to begin a new phase in life - kids are grown, need a challenge, etc. Can you give me more info on PD jobs there? (frequency of openings, rate of pay, etc) I would appreciate the info. By the way, I'm not one of those judges that ignore the constitution, so don't lump me in with those!
Mike lets communicate about this in you have an email?
ligons said…
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