So, the weather has turned cold. Yesterday it was -10 F (about -20 C) but I went ice fishing anyway. I bought an 89 Subaru for $750 to replace the Suburban. It's the only way I can afford to drive these days. I figure it won't take long to pay for itself when it gets about 28 mpg versus the Suburban's 8 mpg. As it was, I had to sell a week's vacation back to the State in order to pay the medical bills. The medical debt will be better than when Kadee was born (the hospital bill was $8,000) but I just don't know how much more things like health care, gas, insurance, etc can keep going up. The last few weeks have been filled with some incredibly difficult personal drama, that I won't discuss. I think I will always remember the winter of 07/08 as the hardest period of my life to date. Even though I am nervous about going, I think that the week away in Kotzebue will really help. I have offered to pay for J to go somewhere warmer for a few days or a week but she has unfortunately declined. I think both of us are feeling penned up living here. I am looking forward to Vegas more than any of you can imagine. I am worried that J isn't getting a trip but I can't make her go. I have been enjoying the Rhino but it is just too damn cold to take the family out. Yesterday it was too cold even for me at -10. At least the wood stove keep the place warm. And spring is coming. Spring is coming...........along with a new baby and changes I can't even imagine yet I'm sure. I'm sure I'll love my new daughter as much as this little monkey.


Maximovitch said…
Why do you have an old timey Coke syrup cannister in there?
Because it is full of 5 gallons of lager!
Jordan said…
Your blog is awesome. I am planning on moving my family to the Anchorage area in August/September of this year. I would like to email you if possible. My email address is I looked for a contact email for you, but I can't find one.

God bless,

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