So happy new year. I had hoped to post some pics of the little get together I had last night.
However, I got too liquored. Like puking liquored. I hated it and didn't mean for it to happen but I just drank too much on an empty stomach. Then to make things worse the emotions of the last few months just poured out of me in the form of tears. Real fun for me and those around me. My Native buddy came over and was drunker than any human I have ever seen. I was in bad but I am told that turned into a nightmare. I've already apologized to those who came over. I have decided to stop drinking for a while. It is becoming too convenient. I'm not sure what 2008 holds for me. I'll be a dad again, that seems almost certain. Other than that I have no idea where this new year is going to take me. I need to pull myself out of this funk so I can start to enjoy Alaska again. On Christmas when I was on a snowmachine I had the most fun I've had in ages. I felt alive. So, in the hopes that a piece of machinery can release the grip of the depression that has such a firm grip on my heart, I bought a new toy. Will pick it up tomorrow. 2008 Yamaha Rhino. You only live once and I'm willing to take a chance that this helps even if I can't really afford it.


Anonymous said…
Make sure to get the FREE doors.
Some greedy lawyers made a lot of money on Rhinos without doors.

Important Information about 2004 - 2007 Rhinos
While the Rhino has been a reliable and versatile vehicle, some operators have engaged in aggressive driving (such as sliding, skidding, fishtailing, or doing donuts) or made abrupt maneuvers (such as turning the steering wheel too far or too fast) that have resulted in side rollovers – even on flat, open areas. Unfortunately, some occupants have been seriously injured during such rollovers when they put their arms or legs outside the vehicle, resulting in crushing or other injuries.

Special Offer to Rhino Owners
Yamaha has developed new doors and additional passenger handholds for the Rhino. These new features, as shown in the pictures below, are designed to help keep occupants from sticking arms or legs out of the vehicle in response to a side rollover. They may also enhance passenger stability and comfort. Yamaha recommends that Rhino owners have these doors and handholds installed on their Rhino vehicles.

All Rhino Owners Can Have These New Features Installed Free of Charge.
To take advantage of this special offer, please make an appointment with your Yamaha dealer. It does not matter if your Rhino was purchased new or used – all Rhinos are eligible.

If you are outside of the United States, please visit Yamaha Global Links to get information from the Yamaha distributor for your country.

You may be aware that a number of aftermarket companies are now offering doors, panels, bars, netting, or similar products for installation on Rhinos. Yamaha cannot investigate or endorse aftermarket companies’ products with respect to quality, fit, or safety. We only recommend genuine Yamaha parts and accessories for your Rhino.

Guide to Genuine Yamaha Doors/Handholds and Rhino Occupant Protection
To help you understand how these new features fit into the overall approach to Rhino occupant safety, Yamaha has prepared a guide to accompany your owner’s manual. Please read the guide. If you have a Rhino and did not get this guide in the mail, call us at 800-962-7926 and get a free copy of this guide along with the new label described below or download a pdf version of the guide.

New On-Product Label
To promote awareness of the new free product features and to help reinforce safe and responsible use of the Rhino, Yamaha has developed an adhesive label to put on the Rhino dashboard. If you have a Rhino and did not get this label in the mail you can call us at 800-962-7926 to get a free copy of the label and the guide. Your dealer will install this label on your vehicle when you bring your Rhino in for the new doors and additional passenger handholds. View the label.

Your dealer will install this label on your vehicle when you bring your Rhino in for the new doors and additional passenger handholds. If you have a Rhino and just want one of these labels, and you did not get one in the mail from Yamaha, please call us toll-free at 800-962-7926. We will send you a label at no charge.

Updated Owner’s Manual
We have updated the 2007 Yamaha Rhino owner’s manual to include these new doors and handholds. Note: due to product updates, the 2007 Yamaha Rhino manual may not cover all of the features of your older Rhino and may include information on other newer features.

Download the updated 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660 Owner's manual.
j said…
Yeah new years eve was a a eye opener, never a dull time at the Adams house!!
I just hope that my new years eve is not an indication of how 2008 is going to be for me but sadly I don't think much is going to change.
But I really hope that the rhino does cheer you up as nothing else seems to.
And just maybe, with any luck, you will be a happier person to be around for me and the children.
Happy new year to all.
Alaskan Madman said…
Man if all you need is happiness and peace, I can help you with that.
Anonymous said…
Yamaha Rhino ATV
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Yamaha Rhino ATVs may contain design defects making the vehicle dangerously unstable. There have been many reports of the ATV rolling over and passengers inside getting seriously injured.

Several injuries have been reported while using Yamaha Rhino ATVs. The injuries typically are broken or crushed legs, ankles or feet. Passengers have also broken their arm while trying to break the crash of their rollover. In some cases, the injuries were so severe as to require amputation. Children have been crushed to death in Rhino accidents.

In 2006, Yamaha issued safety warnings for its Rhino ATV customers regarding seat belt and helmet precautions. The company also noted that turning too fast increased the risk of tipping the ATVs over and offered an outline of what to do and not to do if your ATV was rolling over.

Then, in 2007, Yamaha provided a special offer to its Rhino ATV customers for doors and new passenger handholds. It offered to install these new items to prevent riders from sticking out arms or legs during rollover accidents. The offer was valid to all owners of 2004 to 2007 Yamaha Rhino ATVs.

Yamaha Rhino ATV Articles
Yamaha Rhino: When a Fun Time Turns Tragic
ATVs such as the Yamaha Rhino are supposed to be associated with fun. They are meant to be a great way to spend some time outdoors, riding through nature and enjoying life. Even when they are used with work, as a way to move around a large yard more easily, they are still meant to make a person's life easier.

Yamaha Rhino Rollover Accident: Leg Seriously Injured
What is so surprising about the Yamaha Rhino rollovers is that they occur at very low speeds. In fact, Traci Klein (not her real name), who was involved in a Yamaha Rhino rollover, says that the ATV she was in was only going seven miles per hour when it flipped over, but the accident caused serious, permanent damage to her leg.

ATV deaths and injuries
When Sue Rabe read an article about a 10-year-old boy in Wyoming whose Yahama Rhino rolled over on him this week while he was doing chores on the family farm, she commented, "It's typical for kids to be on these adult size things on a farm." That boy survived but Sue and Tom Rabe's son Kyle, aged 10 also, wasn't so lucky.

Yamaha Rhino Ludicrous
Riding Yamaha Rhino was supposed to be Fun
Yamaha Rhino Rollovers have Psychological and Physical Consequences
Yamaha Rhino Rollover: Even Experienced Drivers are Injured
Death Linked to Yamaha Rhino Rollovers
Rollover in a Yamaha Rhino

Yamaha Rhino ATV In the News
NOV-29-07: A 12-year-old girl was killed when the Yamaha Rhino she was riding rolled over and landed on top of her. At least four other children have also died in Yamaha Rhino accidents. [KSBY: YAMAHA RHINO]

NOV-20-07: A 60-year-old Orland man was seriously injured when he was thrown from a Yamaha Rhino ATV driven by his son. When the ATV hit a dirt berm it reportedly pitched to the left, went off its wheels, and rolled onto its right side. The man was ejected and landed on the ground, where the ATV rolled on top of him. [ENTERPRISE RECORD: YAMAHA RHINO ROLLOVER]

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