So, despite the fact that it was 16 degrees below zero when we left the house, we went to the Peninsula Winter carnival. It had all the standard events those of you outside Alaska might expect. Toss a frozen salmon. Dogs pulling hundreds of pounds of nails. Ice hockey, snowmachine rides and ice sculptures. J and I don't get out enough and even though Kadee didn' like the cold, it was neat to see so many hundreds of people in one place. Yes hundreds. In many ways living here is no different than anywhere else. On the other hand it is different.
How many of you have lined up at 10 below to toss a frozen salmon? Even Kadee did that. How many of you get excited to see more than a few people in one place? It was the perfect day too...cold and clear. Life goes on in Alaska even when it is cold. As I told Kadee today when she was crying: you are as much Canadian as you are American. And you are an Alaskan too. Time to toughen up. Let's go watch hockey.


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fdr said…
Dude, you should go to moderated comments.
FDR, I think it is almost time. One jackass gets his kicks leaving dumb comments. I mean what does that comment even mean??
Malum Prohibitum said…
Lets see. First you are a cheater, then a narcissist, now the object of this guy's homoerotic fixation. It appears that your new fanboy could use some socialization practice that doesnt involve blow up dolls or arguing on the interwebz.

Just out of curiousity. Does the 10 months that
Alaska allows new attys to practice without taking or waiving into the Alaska bar assume that you are the member of the bar of another state, or does it apply to all ABA grads?
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to comment on the Jan. 21 entry and not get stuck behind the rantings of the insane.

I had a great time having you all up here. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the unseasonably warm temperatures. Oh how I wanted you to suffer. Instead, god conspired against me and made it rain in Fairbanks in the winter. In the winter!

Malum the 10 month rule applies to everybody. Thanks for the support, by the way. G, I would not have suffered in -30. I would have reveled. How fun would have it been to run to the hot springs in -30? YOU would have cried first bitch.
Anonymous said…
I'm with FDR. I think you should delete comments like the top one here.

It seems to me that you do this blog for 2 reasons: 1) chronicle your life for the future and 2) provide a forum for those interested in you and life in alaska. I don't think it is censorship to delete nonsensical comments -- in fact I think you could consider it a service to yourself for the future and a service to those of us who regularly read and/or contribute to your blog.

I agree...and I've done it. Hey guy, I'll be deleting your stupidity from now on so go find another blog.
Bill said…

It sounds like you guys had fun at the festival. I wish I had gone. So far, the winter hasn’t been has bad as I had feared. But it’s not over yet! I'm happy for you, J and Kadee (and the new one on the way). I’m also happy that you and the girls are going to Toddler-time. It sounds like Kadee enjoys it, and I think it is good for her. Alaska is better than what most people in the lower forty-eight believe it to be. It is also, and more importantly, different. More different than I could have believed possible. Which is great. As you are originally from BC, you might not have appreciated what lower forty-eighters think Alaska is like! Keep up the good work on you blog!


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