So, despite the advice of some, I did it. The Rhino kicks ass too. Hell, I'm so far in debt why wait until I'm in my 40's to have a life. A snowmachine or quad won't allow for family activities. This will. And G and I will kill things off it. Go fishing. Camping. Exploring. Hell, let the first person who can absolutely assure me that today is not my last day on earth criticize. Otherwise, here we go. Perhaps it is temporary but I am beginning to feel better. I think that New Years Eve was the low point for me. The next five weeks will see me away from home for almost three between a felony trial in Homer, going to Kotzebue for a week to cover court up there and then Vegas (baby!). I have mixed feelings about that much time away but I think that with the changing light and the prospect of feeling better, things are just looking up. I appreciate the personal advice that my friends and some readers have sent me lately. I hope that this blog will soon again be about how much I love Alaska, how being a public defender is a fine and noble job and about my love for my growing family. Kadee continues to break my heart with her beauty. Still no words other than "tiger" but soon we hope. Well gotta go. Tonight is poker night. 5 guys are coming over to hand my their money. Practice for the Bellagio card room. More pics of the Rhino in action to follow.


fdr said…
Glad things are looking up! What a beautiful family....
Anonymous said…
Hi to all,

I should like to wish everyone a happy new year.

Best wishes of health and prosperity for the year 2008

Meilleurs voeux !
Best wishes !
Ath bhliain faoi mhaise !
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar !
Den beste onskene !
Gott nytt ar !
Godt nytar !
Srecno novo leto !
Head uut aastat !
Onnellista uutta vuotta !
Bessere Wunsche !
Muchas felicidades !
Melhores desejos !
Migliori auguri !
Beter wensen !
Boldog uj evet !
Un an nou fericit !
Laimigu Jauno gadu !
Laimingu Naujuju Metu !
????????? ????? !
Lepszy pragnie !
stastny novy rok !
Daha iyice wish !

Kind regards,

j said…
yeah looking really good!!
My feeling about 2008 is pretty much spot on at this moment in time.
Anonymous said…

Ben, i've noticed something disturbing. since i've been a PD (about 8 months now) I've secured 5 not guilty verdicts.

and each time, the judges sounded so regretful in rendering the verdicts!! Regretfully stating that the state didn't meet it's burden. I don't expect the judge to rejoice, but why sound so regretful??? If the state didn't meet it's burden, so what? That's how our legal system works, i think!!?

Angie: I have written many times about judges. About how many of them are really just prosecutors who wait for the kill just as a DA does. I've had judges disrespect a "not guilty" verdict by words and body language. I've never seen it on a guilty verdict. A good judge is a treasure.
fdr said…
Wish we had some judges like that in Buffalo! ;)
suzanne said…
AWESOME RIDE BEN! Can we come over and play? Great Photographs!


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