So, its has been a while. Life goes on. It finally got cold here. Yes, yes G. not Fairbanks cold where it was -44 F this morning but it was a respectable -25 F last night. We are still heating with only wood and let me tell you if you don't get up to stoke the fire when it is 25 below outside, you sure feel it when you get up. Last night I got up twice and the house was still cold this morning. But, the biggest gas bill I have got is $35 so I can live with that. J gets up after I go and makes sure the living room is warm for Kadee. The rest of the house can take all day. Today sucked ass. Monday I was told by the DA that, in her opinion and in the opinion of her office, I was one of the best lawyers on the Kenai Peninsula. It is a long story but today, after a client changed his mind, I had to back out of deal with the DA. She was pissed and threw my earlier acceptance in my face. I wrote back and said that, as a defense attorney, I don't have the luxury of "feelings". I follow the instructions of my clients and always act in their best interests. Nevertheless it sucked. Work has been full of drama lately. I wil refrain from writing about it but let me just say this to anyone who has not lived in a small town in Alaska. Sometimes it sucks. Sun rises at 10:10 a.m. Sun sets at 3:53. Its -15 outside. So what do people do? Gossip. Make up shit. Speculate and spread rumors. Lawyers seem to be the worst at this. I'll write again at Christmas. My third Christmas blogging.


suzanne said…
Gee Ben. I am sorry you feel so much sadness lately. For what it is worth, I thought J knew because that is what I was told!
I would NEVER HURT someone that way!

Gossip is Toxic. God dealt with me and I repented of perpetuating the Gossip.

I really don't participate in evil Gossip. I was trying to be there for a friend and ended up dropping a BOMB on her.

I hope you can forgive me. I have backed way off since this because my Spiritual self said it was best.

I do miss the friendship with J and of course Kadee but I am concerned about getting too involved.

We all Love you and Merry Christmas.

Love in Christ,
Amy I think your spiritual self is wrong: call J. You are not to blame for this and it seems like a lot of friendships have been lost, or will be lost because of this. There is no need for yours to be one. Let it go and call J.
Anonymous said…
I wonder if the greatest lawyer on the Kenai Peninsula ever brings any of this on himself?
Well duh, anon. Clearly when you live in a small town your actions, or inaction, contributes. I never said otherwise. But since you are clearly so knowledgable why not identify yourself and tell us what you know?
Gracehoper said…
This should make you feel a little better: My gas/electric bill shot up from $65 to $214 last month.

b r r r r r r

Kelly / CHU/ Moscow ID
akgambit said…
Hang in there, fella! Gossip comes with the territory up here. What people don't know they make up. You're right - dark and cold feed the gossip monster. All you can do is keep on keepin' on.
Don't worry about DA - they always get crabby when things don't go their way.
C'est la vie.
Anonymous said…

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