So, with the falling of the first snow my mood has improved. I have become firm friends with a guy whose dog we watched a while back and we spend almost part of every weekend hunting or fishing together. Most of the time hunting really means driving around in the middle of nowhere drinking beer. Despite all the hype about hunting in Alaska it is not as full of animals everywhere like people think. Bennie is Inupiak and has spent his life hunting and fishing. Good guy and is teaching me a lot about life in Alaska. Like, no matter how cold it gets all he wears is a tank top. Yesterday we chased rabbits through the snow. Didn't see a thing except tracks. But a damn good day. I wish gas wasn't $3.25 a gallon though. It is only going to get worse of course with oil approaching $100 a barrel. I recently read an interesting book about what is going to happen to society if oil ever reaches $200 a barrel. There is going to be a lot of suffering in this country. I am one of the few people I know who think that will be a good thing. I'll write about this in more detail later but, basically, (North) Americans have too much. Use too much. Many people have become useless and fat. There are too many whiners who want the government to save them and are content to let the liberty that this country was based on be burned for their immediate "safety". A big-ass depression where people have to work to eat is something I, for one, would look forward to. Next time I'll time you why, while I won't be immune from the suffering, I think my family will make it.


Anonymous said…
Interesting topic. If you are interested in survival modes, check out Cressen Kearney's "how to survive a nuclear war". It's essentially a survivial manual that would apply to a ravaged post-oil world. Read about it on wikipedia.

I've owned a copy of that book for 10 years plus.

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