So, it appears that I am going to be a dad to another little girl. J had promised not to tell me as I wanted to be surprised. That lasted less than a week before she spilled the beans. Nothing is for sure but the Doctor says the baby is formed enough for him to tell. When I learned I was having a girl the first time I was crushed. Now look at my little monkey. Well I'm glad. To paraphrase Hank Williams Jr, the world needs more girls "raised on shotgun". I just thought I would share this with y'all. As for me, my mood continues to improve, I guess. I'm pretty sure it is not SAD or anything of that nature. I am disappointed with the weather though as it continues to be warm and wet. I feel like I am back in California with the rain. I think I would feel better if it would just snow damnit. Let me start snow-shoeing, ice fishing and all that. I need to find a way to get a snowmachine. That is a sure fire way to cure the blues. Nothing like zooming across a lake at 65 mph on the most beautiful clear day. Anyways, I really don't have much else to report. The Agency finally managed to fill the last spot and our new lawyer, Angie, has started. It is great because she is taking all the new lower level felonies and my case load feels manageable. With the onset of winter I am hoping to do some trials. But for now we have a long weekend coming up and I intend to go rainbow fishing and get outside.
P.S. Here is the first picture Kadee ever took. I believe that is her hand.


j said…
You make me ashamed of my growing belly and the weight I am about to put on again. I wanted you to become apart of the experience I do enough by myself I wanted to share this with you.
Knowing the sex and not being able to tell anyone, makes you so worried about everything you say.
So forgive me for hinting on the sex but I did not want to go through the pregnancy alone.
Anonymous said…
This is AWESOME news.
A new baby girl. I did tell j that they told me Ryan was a girl early on and Ken said,"That is not a FOOT!" HA
So what do Doctors know this early.(Who knows) Next visit maybe you should go with her.....just a harm implied!
We love ya'll
Well I really DID not want to know the sex this time. I didn't realize that meant that J would be going through the pregnancy alone. I wish I knew why J was ashamed of her pregnancy: I think the whole world knows that I am a proud papa. I will go to the next doctor's appointment: it is not worth it if it is going to cause trouble.
fdr said…
J & B,

Ya'll need to work on the communication (and not in your blog comments!.

Ben, your wife's "percieved" aloneness is what is important and what you need to rise to. Don't take it as a challange to whether you really are "there" or not. Take it as an opportunity to meet your wife's needs.

J, Forgive us men for not being good at picking up subtlties. My wife basically has to grab me, look me in the eyes, and say: "HEY! THIS is what I need from you." Its obvious from his posts that he is proud of you and your little family.

Forgive the unsolicted advice. I am rooting for you guys for success in your marriage in family. For your own sakes of course, but also because society needs you to succeed.
FDR you have nothing to apologize for. If J didn't want it public, she wouldn't leave comments on my blog. Ditto for me. As people, have pointed out in the past it is strange that we communicate this way. But J NEVER told me in life that me not wanting to know the sex made her feel "alone". Since this blog was started for my children, now they'll know. If the rest of the world does too, well too bad. The first person with the perfect marriage can start criticizing (which is different than your advice FDR). I have actually come to value your advice, as it is usually correct.

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