So, I just wanted to show you all our new daughter. If you look carefully you can see her face and her hands. So far, all is well. To be honest I'm not sure how I feel about having two children. I can see how it will be more difficult and more expensive. I am worried that it will make J feel even more isolated and will strain our marriage even more. Neverthless, on or around May 5, 2008, she will be here. I am certain that when she arrives all my fears and worries will somehow be magically converted into love. It is quite the mystery. It is also impossible to explain to anyone who does not have a child. I think J and I have decided that she will be our last. We both wanted a boy but 2 is enough. Unlike with Kadee, we are struggling to find just the right name. Anyhow, I have nothing else to report. Rain has come and all our lovely snow has melted away. This weather makes me feel cooped up and antsy. But tonight we are having some friends over and it is my first dinner party since we left California. It gives me a chance to show off my cooking skills and greatly helps to alleviate my feelings of late. Something about a fire, good company and music, a glass of wine and a piece of pork on a rotisserie just cheers me up.


Melissa said…

My hubby and I are expecting our first on January 8 - a little boy. :) We saw his face too - it's amazing but a little freaky too because you can't really see their eyes - only black holes.

Anyways, happy belated Turkey Day and congrats!
Anonymous said…
Why did you name your first child Kadee, and where does the unusual spelling come from? Just curious.
Anon, J came up with that name and we just both agreed to it. We liked the "ee" ending as it is "cute". To be honest, now that I see how beautiful my daughter is, I'm afraid that it may be a little too cute! Congats, Melissa. You are about to discover the meaning of love.
fdr said…
Congrats, all around!

From a happy father of four, who never understood the word chaos until parenthood......
suzanne said…
She looks like you! Ha!

Actually, the sonagrams are really cool. It is so great to be able to see your baby before she arrives!

Love to you all,
Anonymous said…
Brianna is an "A" list name, but Kona is really pretty too.


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