So, just a quick note. Tomorrow I have to go to Homer to do a felony DUI trial. It'll be the first time since we moved here that I have to leave my family for a week to do a trial. I am not happy. At all. But I have to go. At least the weather is beautiful. Amazing actually. Took the boat out one last time this weekend. I can't wait for next summer, despite the fact that the Oldsmobile 455 sucks back the fuel. I hope this week goes better than last. I had it last week. It did get better when I won a major suppression motion last friday. I am now 2 for 2 on litigated suppression motions. Perhaps the DA will actually learn to respect me. I don't file frivolous motions and I don't run around crying that every client is absolutely innocent. So when I say someone is innocent or that the cops acted illegally, it would be nice if the DA would listen. If not, I'll just have to keep winning! Anyways, I'm going to go spend time with the family before I have to go away. Damnit.
P.S. FDR sent me this and I had to steal it. God bless the Irish!
FLOODING IN IRELAND - JUNE 2007 If this doesn't tug at your heart strings nothing will. We've all seen the faces of those ravaged by the floods of Sri Lanka and New Orleans... This award-winning photograph, snapped by Irish Times Seamus O'Malley captures the horror and suffering caused by the recent flooding in County Kerry. Keep these people in your thoughts and prayers...


Anonymous said…
Hi there! I know this is rather out of the blue, but I came across your blog on a google search and felt compelled to throw some random, unsolicited questions your way.

I came up to Fairbanks 4 years ago to get my Master's, fell in love and have been here ever since. At the moment, I have a decent-paying but ultimately soul-crushing job up here. So, this coming summer I'm planning on quitting my job and heading down to the Lower 48 to go to an as-yet-undetermined law school. In an ideal world, I want to come back up to Fairbanks and work as a public defender. That being said, I'm more than a little bit concerned about whether I'll be able to pull it off with the debt load I'll be carrying from law school and some residual loans from grad school. I was hoping on the off chance that I might be able to touch bases with you via e-mail and pick your brain about the ins and outs of working for the Public Defender Agency up here, what would be the best way of positioning myself to land a job with them, etc. Plus, you're a fellow homebrewer -- my Plan B if the crippling debt of law school proves to be an insurmountable obstacle to gainful employment is to start lurking around Silver Gulch until they take pity on me and allow me to toil in obscurity making double IPAs and scotch wee heavies.

In any case, would you mind dropping me a line if you have some spare time? It kind of sucks trying to make plans for the rest of my life without having any context about the realities of the Alaska legal market and the job I'm gunning for, and I'd really appreciate having the chance to talk to someone who appears to be somewhat of a kindred spirit who's been there, done that, and doesn't appear to be too worse for the wear because of it. My e-mail is justin dot andrews at alaska dot edu. Thanks again, and I hope you don't mind me following your blog!
Justin, not at all. I've sent you an email. Feel free to write with any questions at all.

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