So, it begins! This is the blessed stuff that keeps all the people in California and other similar hell-holes from moving here. Oh God, it is below 80! And other such nonsense. God, I love this weather. I am a cold blooded person and the cold makes me literally giddy. Unfortunately, most of the snow melted today. But it will be back. The cold and the dark are coming. And I love it. Time to hunker down and enjoy hot foods. A fire. A good movie. Whiskey and coke. Time with my little girl. My trial in Homer ended in a mistrial. As a defense lawyer, my favorite word (after "not" guilty, of course) is "mistrial". If I have to try it again, I will do a better job as I know the State's case. I wish I had taken my camera to Homer. If you ever go to Homer you should check out the Lands End Resort ( The view was a amazing and after work I would sit on the deck with a drink and watch humpback whales. The view reminded me of why we are here. I have seen 1/1,000,000,000 of Alaska but everytime I see something new it blows my minds. One of my big regrets in life is all the time I wasted in other places. Tonight is my regular poker night and a bunch of local defense lawyers come over to drink my booze and lose their money to me. I have come a long way since that first time Jeremy gave me $100 in Vegas and everyone at the table thought I was going to have a coronary every time $2 was at stake. I still haven't made the kinds of friends that I have left behind but nights when I am sitting at the poker table things seem ok.


Inhouse or Outhouse Lawyer said…
October 13, 2007 - 10:50am disenchanted01

What Billions??

Wise move not to hire an Alaskan attorney, must have found out that the only difference in prosecutor and defense attorneys in AK is who signs the paycheck and where they got their designer suit. They have to work together every day, something as insignificant as a man's life and future just gets in the way of court house harmony and future private practices. Finding "friendlier" barristers is practically unheard of. Sort of like letting the foxes run the henhouse. That said, WHAT BILLION$ did Kohring cost Alaska? What actual harm did he do, if any? If that's not simple to answer, something is terribly amiss in this feeding frenzy.
Wow. Someone had a bad experience. Actually, I think that the State signs both our paychecks. My "designer suit" is an old sports coat with a shirt and tie. And if you think that DA's and defense lawyers are friends, think again. Many public defenders wouldn't piss on a DA who was on fire. I'm sure DA's have equally strong feelings. So, I'm really not sure what your point is.
Anonymous said…
Trust me there inhouse, I've seen the way all the lawyers dress, DA, private, and the pd's and believe me they aren't exactly dapper. Mostly lots of corduroy blazers with optional worn patches, maybe some Dockers khaki and JC Penny white button downs. What is it with most attorneys and style?

Anyway, Ben. I would equally like to come and drink your whiskey and in all likelihood take your poker money away from you.

Wanted to come over last night, but we were in Anchorage too late. I also need that god damn moose roast recipe. I want to make one tomorrow.

Anonymous said…
Love the pictures!! as for clothing, none of the PD's or DA in my midwestern city wear courdroy. Designer suits, no, but probably purchased at Macy's.

keep the pictures coming-one of these days, the moldy midwest is going to drive me up there for health reasons. FYI, my husband is a landscaper. The other day, he saw red mold everywhere-little wonder i'm sick with allergies now.

Anonymous said…
The only thing good about the midwest is the whitetail hunting, other than that I doubt I would ever think about visiting the good ole Midwest.

Mold doesn't like -30! But in all seriousness, my allergies disappeared when I moved here. Like gone gone. Gone. I'll post more pics when we get some real snow. And I don't wear corduroy. I found an old jacket in our closet and I wear that. Every day. The "put through the wringer public defender" look works wonders. Especially when you have 20 files in your arms.
AnchorDown in AnchorTown said…
U.S. District Court Judge John Sedwick is scheduled to hand down Anderson's sentence on Monday morning at 8:30 sharp. The public is invited to watch a grown man cry.

Who's next
Don't be shocked if the second round of indictments comes next week. The 8 ball says "Looking good." Tuesday morning could be a long day for Alaska reporters.
Anonymous said…
Ooooh! It looks so coooold!

Barrow, bitch!


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