So, I'm back. And, as predicted, the most useful part of the conference was meeting many of my fellow attorneys. I am amazed at the ability of the Agency to gather such a fine group of people. I didn't get to meet everyone but I think I was impressed with every one I did meet. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the people I met. Of course seeing old friends was worth its weight in gold. One thing I think the Agency could do is make it a little more about socializing and rallying the troops. If I was in charge I would make it about reminding everyone about what we do: representing the little man. We are charged with the sacred duty of preserving the freedom in one of the most free places left on earth. Making us feel good about what we do would probably be more useful than teaching us substantive law. I did win one award however: the award for representing the "biggest criminal" in Alaska. I sent in a number of Kenai cases. Needless to say even the "losers" got honorable mention. Sometimes I think that the people on the Kenai Peninsula are the biggest bunch of whiners ever assembled. I mean the things that people call the cops for is mind-boggling. Getting flipped off. Throwing rocks. Kids on skateboards. Marginal trespass. Jesus. When the government has complete control of the people we'll know who to blame. The proof that people here are a bunch of cry babies is that our cases swept the category where several hundred lawyers were participating. I also helped my office get the award for "best office in which to party". I think the 25 gallons of beer helped a lot! Returning home I saw that the first "real" (i.e. expected to stay) snow had fallen. Back to work. Next time: Why I consider myself a semi-survivalist and why Wal-mart is evil.


Melissa said…
Hi there - I'm a PD also and I've been lurking around your blog for quite some time but now I'm outting myself. :-P

I agree with you about trainings - our program wide ones are great. They remind me that there are other PD's out there like me. And they're all so smart. Also, I just got back from this juvenile defender training in Portland, OR and I loved the networking and meeting other people from other states!
Anonymous said…
great pics! I found this website from the FAA, it has various webcams set up at airstrips in alaska.


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