So, thank you to the jackass who hit the moose calf friday morning. How a person hits a moose at this time of the year I don't know. I know those black bastards can jump out at you. I've had some close calls in the winter. But in August? In the daylight? Jackass. Just her legs were broken so the Troopers had to shoot her. It was the first time I used my butcher shop to process a big game animal. Today, I am formally an Alaska resident for the purposes of hunting. I am going hunting at 5 am tomorrow, so hopefully it won't be my last this year. J doesn't know it yet, but I am taking next week off of work. I was originally told I couldn't but my boss had a trial case dismissed and my trial got continued. Thank God too. You know for all the pros and cons of working as a civil servant, the 5 weeks of leave that Alaska gives us is sure appreciated. I had one of those weeks last week where I just had it with some of my clients. I know they are not paying me but could they be just a little bit appreciative? I think the worst part of being a public defender is the sense that some clients have that because they are not directly paying you that they can be abusive. So a week off to refresh my mind and get the place ready for winter will be great. My Kodiak hunting trip has been cancelled so this is it for the year. Maybe cook up a little moose in the back yard the real way: over a campfire. Spend a little time with the family.


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Love the picture!
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There must have been some heavy drinking on 9/25/07. You wrote, "I don't trust any defense lawyer that says they could never be a DA . . ." Then you wrote that you could never be a DA. I trust you Ben. Do you trust you? As always, I guess it easy to sit on the sidelines and jab the guy out there in battle.
- joe H
P.S. I've really enjoyed being a DA lately and have actually shown some compassion in a case or two..
Damnit Joe: that was my point. I was trying to be dramatic. I guess I was only one that got I was trying to be clever.

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