So, moose season is over. Saw my first Alaska bull last night. When I realized he wasn't legal, I played with him. I am learning how to call. Very cool stuff. Good thing I obey the law...I wasn't 25 yards from him and he was curious about my (bungled) cow and bull calls. My .300 win mag would have done him right in. The cows are starting to get desperate. I found another cow and managed to keep her within 20 yards for at least 30 minutes. Then another cow showed up!

Everywhere I looked there was a moose. I guess hunters have taken all the bulls so the cows seem really receptive to any call. Especially mine, which need work. It is good to know that if I needed meat, I could have shot at least 4 animals. Not a lot else is new. Going to Anchorage tomorrow to see a homicide client so will use the opportunity after work to stock up for winter. As for current events, I have two comments. First, the new attorney general of the United States. Although I am no fan of Bush, I appreciate one comment made by his nominee. I have written before about one of the greatest travestys in American justice, the Padilla case. In December 2002, (then) Judge Mukasey ordered the government to let Padilla talk to a defense attorney. Prosecutors who initially resisted were scolded in the following order: "Lest any confusion remain, this is not a suggestion or a request that Padilla be permitted to consult with counsel, and it is certainly not an invitation to conduct a further 'dialogue' about whether he will be permitted to do so," Mukasey wrote in the March 2003 order. "It is a ruling — a determination — that he will be permitted to do so." I wish every judge could be as protective of the Constitution in every case. Alas, this order is such big news because it is so unusual. Usually, a judge just lets the Government do whatever it wants. Second, the student who was tasered for not giving up a microphone. Andrew Meyers was given a small taste of what awaits every American who dares to challenge a government leader. Every time this sort of thing happens it becomes a little more acceptable. A little less shocking. Wow. The police tase you for daring to ask a politician a question. Am I the only one who sees the beginning of the end? Who sees a link between this case and this future (which also happens to be the past)? You people are insane.


Josh said…
I agree with a lot of your assertions. The bureaucracy involved in moving for full citizenship for your family must be maddening. A kid being zapped for speaking his mind? Insane. Permission from the government to travel? Let's just shut down the economy right now.

Even so, I'd be the first to deny you citizenship simply for speaking about this stuff with outrage with the qualifier "You people are insane."

So, you want your family to all be citizens. Fantastic. Step aboard. But, stop thinking of yourself as separated from the rest of America. Start thinking of and describing yourself as part of America. The "You people," must inevitably include you and your family at some point.

Again, I agree with all of your objections. I too see the downward spiral of liberty. But, I take offense at you on one hand wanting to be a citizen to have the full benefits of a country and on the other hand generalizing negatively about all Americans.
Josh, fair enough. And to be honest, I'm not even sure I want to be a US citizen. My daughter is by birth, and I am glad for her. But I came to America to be more free than I was. If that freedom is converted into tyranny, then I will take your advice and "love it or leave it". I am free to criticize in the way that I do precisely because I am not a citizen. And I remain in the United States because there are benefits to doing so. But I remain Canadian. And Canadians don't send people overseas to be tortured. We don't have a camp to drown people over and over and over. We don't start unnecessary foreign wars. Our leaders don't refuse to acknowledge global warming. The list goes on and on. If I was in Canada I would criticize all the problems in that country, of which there are MANY. But, yes, Josh, "you people" are insane. And when it reaches the level I fear it will, I will be the first to leave. So don't worry about it.
P.S. I am clearly NOT generalizing about ALL Americans. Most of the people I know share my concerns and objections. Americans are generally great people. However, while you may share my concerns as individuals, as a political group (which is what I refer to as "insane") you seem content to lose liberty. "Groupthink" is a serious issue in this country.
By the way Josh, thank you for the comment. I enjoy the well-reasoned criticism. That is exactly one of the reasons I post my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
So Josh, citizenship is based on agreeing with the government? How is that compatible with your concern over the loss of liberty?
KB the Madman Alaskan said…
Moose with black bear sausage and freshly dug Yukon Gold taters are the best crockpot dish you'll ever have.....
Especially when your crazy ass neighbor gives you the moose, the salty sausage and the potatoes to plant. That's the Alaska way!
Here is a great article pointing out what I did. How Americans are becoming docile. How group-think allows horrible things to happen. She just writes better than I do: my outrage gets in the way sometimes.

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