So, the thought at this time of year in our house is wood, wood, wood. We get a load of wood every night after work and got a couple this weekend. On Tuesday I expect we will have enough for the winter of 2008/2009. Then we will keep going. I would like 3 years of wood ready to cut and split. It will be my winter activity. I like working in 0 degrees a lot more than 60 anyways. Even though I live in California for 6 years, Iwant to die from the heat when it gets to 72 now. If we do it now, next summer we can (maybe) boat and fish and all that (especially as Kadee will be old enough come along). It is funny how when you live in Alaska, you never stop thinking that winter will be here soon. Thank God too. The tourists here are driving me nuts. Quite frankly if I had known how big Soldotna gets in the summer I might not have moved here. ARRRGGGGHHH. The only other thing of note is that Kadee did something super cool today. We have started picking raspberries for my (soon to be) famous Raspberry Wheat beer. Kadee was doing her own thing at first. Then I noticed she had a handful of berries. For the first time ever, she started imitating what we were doing. She only picked a few but she went and put them in the bowl. It was damn neat.


j said…
Our daughter is one very smart little cookie.
She was watching me pick those berries and we said next year this will be your job K guess she wanted to start early.
Pretty darn cool.
Each day is more amazing than the next when you have kids, they always surprise you and make you go ahhhhhh how cute!!!.
Like today, my mum called and Kadee took the phone in to the other room trying to show nanny the puppies.
It was soooooooo cute, we need a video camera.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Only in Alaska is a man's wealth measured by the amount of fire wood he has chopped. Keep it up, you will be wealthy by our own warped standards. Not to mention warm.
If you're into beer making, be sure to socialize with your local beer club. Anchorage has an active one - I believe Kenai has some also.
Elaine (lurking on blawgs all over AK)
fdr said…
Hey Ben,

Just returned back to Buffalo from Kodiak. Man do I have Alaska fever. The good news is, my wife has it more then I do now.

Part of my mission was to ck out St. Herman's seminary in Kodiak, and I love it. Problem is, they aren't accredited, and I really need to get an M.Div. So my plan is to go to St. Tikhon's in PA in the fall of '08 and when I finish there, move to Kodiak to teach at that seminary.

Kodiak is great, but maybe too crowded for your tastes. Way down by Chigniak is pretty sparse but still connected by road.

Question: Are you able to have a vegetable garden where you are? What if someone wanted to raise goats, would it be possible or would the bears get 'em?

We flew over Kenai in a charter (long story) at 6,000 ft, and saw glaciers, and a forest fire. We also saw a smoking volcano in the gulf.

I have a few pics here:

(I'm the happy guy on the right) I hope to have more up soon.

We hope to retire in the Spring, and buy a motor home (if the house sells) and travel up there so the kids can see the place. My daughters are extremely set against moving, and the thought of tearing them from their grandparents and god-parents and cousins, breaks my heart. My prayer is that we as a family will decide this is what we should do....I don't like being an autocrat. Going to PA which is only 5 hours away from home for the first few years, seems like the right thing to do. Patience will be in order I guess.

Sorry to spam your com box....I'm just very happy and excited.
FDR, we should talk sometime.....shoot me an email with personal info and I'll call you if you want. Big decision. Going to Kodiak myself to hunt in 5 weeks. We'll talk.
fdr said…
Not knowing how to find your e-mail address Ben, drop me a line at bonovox671 at aol dot com

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