So, I have been thinking lately that I made a mistake moving to the Kenai Peninsula. I love Alaska but this place is something else. Here's an example. Last night, as usual, we went to get wood. Except this time I blew a tire. It was about 7:30 p.m. I couldn't get a replacement so I pulled the trailer well off the road. Well off. This morning I got a new tire and at about 8:45 a.m. I was heading towards the trailer when I saw it on the back of this truck. It turns out the trailer I had borrowed to get wood had been impounded by the State Troopers at 2 a.m! There are way too many cops here and they have nothing better to do I guess. The tow driver was pissed because he had gone out at 2 am for no reason. He agreed the trailer was way off the road and posed no danger. But not too pissed to charge me $308 for a 5 mile tow. I had to pay because it was a borrowed trailer. The Agency is having each office keep track of our "stupid" cases so when we get together in October we can see what is happening elsewhere in the State. I am sure Kenai will "win" because we have cops everywhere! So many cops they have time to take my trailer for being beside the road for 7 hours. Bastards. No wonder everyone who has been here for a while says Alaska is getting worse and worse. More people. More laws. More people who want it to be like California so the cops take a trailer full of firewood. It breaks my heart to see Alaska disappear a little at a time. And I have only been here a year. The problem is there is no where else to run to. The Bush maybe? In other news I "betrayed" G today. I have cancelled our moose hunt. Instead I am going to Afognak Island (the one next to Kodiak) to hunt elk and deer in late September. A local attoney drew a tag for elk and she has asked me to go to be a pack mule and a bear guard. I am going to take my pack and my 12 gauge and go. It should be awesome. Her cousin has a boat so we are going to halibut fish first. Then we are taking the boat over to Afognak where she has a cabin and ATV's arranged. We will be hunting on private Native land so our chances are good. G agreed this trip was too good to pass up so I am going to have a "true" Alaskan adventure this fall after all. Stay tuned. Finally, Kadee is becoming quite the little lady (as captured so well by J). The best thing about being a parent is watching her progress from a "slug" to a person. Very cool. She gets more beautiful each day. God I love her.


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