So, a really fast note. When the fish are in they are IN! The (meat part) of the salmon is done. Tomorrow we are going on a halibut/ling cod charter. Today is J's 29th birthday (happy birthday to my beautiful wife!) Tomorrow is my 34th birthday and my buddies are treating me to the Charter. I have already been told that I am not allowed to pay for anything while they are here. Ribeyes, scotch and charters all around! Despite having no boat, I am determined to show these guys a good time. Before fishing today we went clamming and I finally learned how to do that. A clam gun is a must! Well I gotta go. We are treating J to dinner. Then we have to come back and clean 60 or so clams and 24 (yes 24) salmon before bed. Up at 4:30 a.m to go kill more fish. God I love Alaska. It'll take a bullet to get me out of here. P.S. G I wish you were here too. Get down here! P.P.S. More pics tomorrow of HUGE halibut, lingcod and rockfish. We are going out with a professional and this is going to be awesome!


FISH COP said…
Those were the cutest little Jack King salmon. Could not help but notice the gill net marks on the Reds. Tales look kind of uncut though. Alaska's favorite White Resident whine is "I wanna subsistience fish too." Don't forget your Derby ticket for $$$$ to win as you try to feed your family off the land and sea
Bill said…
Happy Birthday to you and J! Also, congrats on the salmon!!
fdr said…
Happy b-day to you and the wife, and nice haul of fish.

Whats the deal with clamming? Is it regulated, season/limit etc? or are they just there for the taking?

My Kodiak trip is coming up August 1st. Can't wait. Perhaps the Mrs. and I will come closer to deciding if Alaska is in our future or not. Say a prayer!
Actually fish cop ALL those salmon were caught by a Native friend, using methods legal for him. I was helping him process, as friends do in Alaska. Hell I don't want to subsistence fish after seeing all the work he went through. Do you bother to read my blog? When the hell have I whined about subsistence fishing? Jackass. FDR it depends on the clams. Around here I think the limit is 60 razor clams per person per day (I never appracoh anywhere close to that so I'm not 100% sure it is 60...I play it safe in that regard...get a copy of the Regs).
Anonymous said…
Who may receive personal use fish
Finfish, shellfish, or aquatic plants harvested in personal use fisheries may not be given to non-family members (except when proxy fishing), because personal use is defined as "taking, attempting to take or possession by an individual for consumption as food or use as bait by that individual or his immediate family."

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