So, I was going to write today about how my boat was finally ready. Four months and five thousand dollars more than expected. It was even in my driveway after passing the final sea test. The engine is new. The jet is new. $13,000 of borrowed money into parts and labor. On the brink of financial ruin. Many fights with the wife but here she was. Indeed, many thoughts of walking away. But I was proud today of my "new" boat. So several residents suggested we go dipnetting tonight (where one can dip a net into the river and scoop out 25 salmon for the head of household and 10 for everyone else). I agreed, even though I am not a resident and so cannot participate. I stood on the boat and watched and drank beer. It was fun to be out with so many people and see fish caught. The scenery was amazing as usual. Until the motor died. I mean dead. I mean smoke pouring out of it dead. Hell, it lasted an hour. So we drifted. Towards Japan. Down the Kenai river. One of my buddies used a net to steer us towards the dock and did a damn good job. A few hundred yards out from the dock the current caught us and we had to anchor. Luckily we "landed" about 20 feet from a commercial fisherman who taught us how to set the anchor to avoid ending up at sea (we were heading that way as we had no idea what to do) and gave us the number of a guy who could tow us to sea. Within 5 minutes the guy came and took us to the dock, where we managed to get the boat on the trailer. All in all, once again, I am thankful. I was on the river where we had the current to work with. I was with some guys and not the family. Nobody panicked and we thought through it. We drank beer and laughed as we watched the faces of those we narrowly avoided collisions with. The scenery was amazing. So I dropped off the boat at my mechanics. After midnight. Like a flaming bag of dog poo. And came home. God I love Alaska. Lets just see if she kills me by age 35.

P.S. A big thank you to the wife. She is stuck at home raising the girl while I
am out and about. This is a hard time in our marriage as I know J would like to join me. Next summer we will do more together. It is this pic that keeps me going.


fdr said…
I hope J has an outlet. I don't imagine there's a mall around (and she might disdain the mall anyway as my Mrs. does). My wife homeschools 4 kids so I KNOW the importance of her getting together w/ girlfriends and us with other couples (sans children) so she can have adult conversation and relax.

This of course require dad watching the kids which often causes more stress when she come home to see the results of our adventures!

BUT, she is getting better at managing anger and I am getting better at bringing flowers and stuff to please her.

If Mama ain't happy, aint no one happy......
Bill said…
Ben, I like to give you a hard time about things, but I am truly sorry for what you are going through. I know how disappointed you are. If it wasn’t so damn funny…Anyway, take FDR’s advice and let J have a good time too. Maybe you can let one of the interns watch K for a little while and go out together. (The interns are so reserved and have nothing else to do with their time.) Or, even better, you watch K and let J go out. When the boat is running and working fine, you’ll be the last one laughing.
Anonymous said…
Yes, that's right! Keep the little woman happy :)
And barefoot & pregnant!!! A woman should know her place. What a bunch of alpha male assholes. said…
jesus... that fucking motor again... sure sounds sucky.

FYI - your blog is now blogged by the State's internet filter (at least in the executive branch offices).
Operator: Yeah I one who works for the State can see my blog anymore (it is blocked for all). I never blogged from work so not sure what is going on. Oh well..figured it was just a matter of time. Sucks tho, as I know some people read it who might not now. Anon I'm not sure how tose comments translate to "alpha male assholes". It is a real problem balancing work, family life and outdoor activities. It is a genuine problem for me and I seek genuine assistance. Your comment was less than helpful I am afraid.
Anonymous said…
Looks like junk to me!
Gee insightful. Do you just get your jollies leaving stupid comments on my blog or are you just too stupid to figure out how to look up porn on the computer? Go find something more useful to do. Geez, what an a-hole. The same a-hole leaves a mean spirited comment every post. Here's another life clue: if you don't like it don't read it. Asshole.
Anonymous said…
As a lady who was left at home on occasion, I can say that your Mrs. will appreciate you bringing home fish that are cleaned and filleted. Yes, she will enjoy going out with you on the boat, but she will also enjoy eating the halibut etc that you catch. Bonus points: Wrap the filets in white freezer paper. (And bring her some flowers, too - my gift to you - tell her it was your idea.) I was much more positive about my dear hubbie's fishing trips when he brought home the bounty of the sea in nice, clean paper! - Elaine
Thanks Elaine for the ideas. I'll try that next time. Both J and Kadee enjoy the fish quite a bit.

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