So, I caught my first Kenai King last night! A trophy? No. Hardly. But damned exciting nonetheless. The limit is 2 per year and, despite the small size of this guy, I had to keep him. Maybe if I get my boat I will be able to fish myself (although I probably won't as I intend to fish with Jason every day I can) . Right now the delay is that I have instructed the mechanic to start making it into an ice cutter. No seriously, the jet was worn out. Damn. I have had this boat 4 months and it is not ready to go. Just a few more days and $5000 more than budgeted. But all the mechanical parts will be new. This fall should be great. The hunting and fishing will be out of this world. This week has been hard. Not only the shock of going back to work but the continuing emotional fallout of my friends leaving. Believe me, the post visit blues can be pretty overwhelming. As usual, however, there are many things that cheer me up. One is the beauty of where I live. Another is my little girl. I am a lucky man.


fdr said…
I am a lucky man.

Indeed you are!
chris mitchell said…
Hello there, your blog has some great posts! I'm in the military and I may be coming to AK to Fort Wainwright. Is there any way you can give me some info on the move? We own a horse now and are worried that the cost of moving and caring for her will be prohibitive. Thanks for your time!
I priced out moving Maximus and it was about $2000. I was worried about the stress on him too. I know hay is about $400 a ton here. Grain is about 2 or 3 more a bag (I haven't priced grain by the ton like I used to buy in CA). That being said there are horses here and I often regret having to sell Max. Do you hunt? What will you use your horse for? Will be a lcoal horse be more suitable? Is it fair to take her from Nevada to Alaska (i.e. is she healthy enough to adapt...horses are cold weather animals after all). I hate to say it but it might be easier to sell and "replace" her. The move is stressful enough but to find a place where you can have her and then getting her here and getting set up may be too much. I'll cc this to your email...feel free to write.

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