So, the bounty of Alaska is absurdly rich. I went halibut fishing yesterday. 3 of us caught 64 halibut. The average time to hook a fish was six seconds. For this monster I had to don my fighting belt. I learned how to filet a halibut too. I took a series of photos and was going to write about how to do it but maybe I'll save that for another day. These were all small..from 10 lbs to maybe 22 or 25. But I put maybe another 40 lbs of filets in my freezer after the other guys gave me some of their fish (the limit is 2). My only fear is that all this will be gone someday. As more and more people come here I can't see how it will last. It is obnoxious for a newcomer to say this but there are too many people here. Maybe I just feel that way because half of Alaska is in Soldotna dipnetting. Yesterday even the grocery stores were empty of a lot of things. But people have the right to move around and make a good life for themselves. I just hope those in charge of resource management don't screw it up. I'd like Kadee to be able to catch a halibut in less than 6 seconds. Because she likes halibut almost as much as spaghetti!
P.S. the boat cooling system couldn't handle the new and improved engine and is being fixed as we speak. Round #4.


Anonymous said…
After throwing back a few chickens
this begins to sound like:

(15) "molesting" means the harassing, disturbing, or interfering with fish by any means, including the use of any missile or object not established as legal gear; molesting includes dragging, kicking, throwing, striking, or otherwise abusing a fish that is intended to be released;
Ha...nice try. Not true at all. As long as one doesn't keep MORE than the limit OR abuse a fish that is going back, there is nothing illegal about continuing to catch fish while trying to get a bigger one. For example, if I was red fishing and just kept snagging, are you saying that I should stop fishing after I have snagged 3 fish (my legal limit)? The law doesn't require that. On all the fish we threw back, we removed hokk and threw back. Not drop kicked back. So nice try. Are you jealous or what? You appear to be an Alaskan so if you have halibut fished out of Homer you would know what it is like. If not, you are just in that large group of people who should shut the hell up.
FishTaxi said…
I love the spagetti photo of Kadee. Every kid her age has got to have one.

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