So, another day of fishing. This time it was just the 5 of us on a charter. Caught my first
halibut and ling cod. We limited out and now have an absurd amount of meat. Well over 100 lbs of filets. Will be up processing all night, even thought the charter boat fileted them for us. 3 days into the vacation, the meat is set, thanks to the Charter and the friend who gave us the salmon. Today, within 30 seconds of stopping to fish, Dan had hooked about a 60 lb halibut. Minutes later I landed a 38 pounder. The ONLY reason we stopped fishing was we got too sore from hooking so many fish.

So we kept a couple smaller (i.e. 20 lb) halibut to get our limit. I caught at least 20 halibut today (and released all but limit) and at least 10 ling cod. I only kept 1 (my limit), the one I am holding. At the end, we had a box of fish. Anyways, I have to go. Am starting the smoker and have to go process fish. A good day.

P.S. We are done! Hre is what all that fish looks like. Jeremy and G, I'll be sending you fish!


FishTaxi said…
Happy Birthday and enjoy your fish!
bill said…
Wow! What a catch!
Anonymous said…

Happy birthday.

Anonymous said…
happy bday selfish jackass
subarctic mama said…
Great catch. Especially so soon after dropping a line in. I'm glad I found your blog.

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