So, tomorrow I begin the process of asking for a new work permit. It is always an extremely stressful time for us. In theory some bureaucrat somewhere could say we have been here long enough and give us 10 days to leave the country. Ugly. If J and I decide to go to Canada I want it to be on our timetable. Losing everything is not a fun prospect every 12 months. The possibility of having 10 days to leave and no job or home to go to literally keeps me awake at nights at this time of year. I'm not even sure where we would go. How we would get there. How I would pay for another move. I won't rest for at least 3 or 4 months (assuming I get an extension of our visa). There is immigration reform pending and it seems promising for those who want some stability in their lives. Instead of requiring an employer to sponsor a person, the new system will be based on points. A person needs 55 or more points out of 100. Points would be awarded for employment, education, knowledge of English and extended family. As an aside, as far as I can tell I would get 71 points. However, there are so many interests ready to gut any reform that it is unlikely to ever happen. Shame. There are millions of us who just want to work and pay taxes. Our lives are here now but we sweat bullets all the time wondering what our future holds. As for me, it is almost bed and I have another sleepless night ahead of me. Maybe the country can see past the problem of illegal immigration and enact some meaningful reform. Let's pray.

Comments said…
good luck. why we don't let anyone who wants to stay in this country actually stay in this country is behind me. if one spends all that effort coming to this country (legally or illegaly) one should be able to stay here for as long as possible.
It gets worse for me. Learned today that the paperwork I thought would be submitted, won't be. That means I have to drive 1300 miles this friday for a new work permit. 1300 miles. The 650 there will some of the most stressful miles ever.
Anonymous said…
I agree. Except for Canadians. With the possible exception of the Quebecois.

Nice. I DO love the French, as everyone knows. Bring your rod beatch.
fdr said…
Prayer lifted.

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