So, it's funny how different people make the same mistakes over and over again. Like how I hired this contractor to help me out around here. There were some things that needed doing. He quoted me $1300. I'm now out of pocket $4000 and the jobs are maybe 1/3 finished. I let him go because I couldn't pay for him anymore. Now I have to finish them myself. Oops. Really screwed up because now there is no money left. I mean none. If there is an emergency am cooked. Not even sure how I am going to do the few things that I need to do (like fix brakes on Suburban!) Am even thinking of selling boat. J and I are re-doing interior because cheesy original 1978 carpet makes me gag. Since I got a piece of remnant carpet for nothing, we can improve the value of the boat with just some labor. The boat motor should be in Anchorage tomorrow and I might be on the water by Sunday! Anyways not much is new but just thought I would memorialize getting screwed by a contractor so maybe I won't make the same mistake again.
P.S. For those of you that want a different perspective on my office, check out the new blog of our interns at I am the guy who uses the F word excessively! Damn proud moment for me to be noticed like that.
P.P.S. If your want to see more about how bears are real bastards check out this link: I am really starting to rethink my position on not killing brown bears. I mean both babies!!! Time to start tuning up my .300 Win Mag. Son of a bitch!


Anonymous said…
Your only mistake was not getting the estimate turned into a firm bid in writing (a job rate instead of time and materials). That way he is on the hook if things don't go according to plan.

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