So, I'm back. And until June 10, 2008 at least, this will continue to be a blog about Alaska. As pissed as I am about having to drive 1200 plus miles, I was reminded why we are here. Alaska. Sometimes it still does not feel real. This place is amazing. I thought the drive would take me several days but I did it in almost exactly 24 hours by driving straight. Meaning, for the first time in years, I didn't sleep at all

last night. The combination of stress over the visa, starbucks canned coffee and the lack of darkness meant I just drove for almost 24 hours. Click on the photos to enlarge and check out the time stamps on these photos...they are accurate. It never got dark at all last night. Despite the fact that we live in one of most beautiful places on the planet, you know what is best about the drive between Glennallen and the Canadian border? The solitude. I would drive for an hour and see maybe a car or two. Maybe. Other than the road itself there is zero proof of human existence on much of the drive. And you drive in total wilderness for hours and hours and hours. I thought the road would be busier than when I came up last September but it was the same: almost total isolation. It was quite a shock to hit Palmer/Anchorage traffic after 20 hours of this. I have no clue how people live there with all that traffic. Anyways I am going to go get some sleep now. Am not only bushed but relieved.

Right after I left the border, I got this photo of the purple lake. Amazing. I'm going to try and get the State to sign my paperwork next year but, if not, I think I'll make this trip an annual family event. J and Kadee have to see this. I'd say everyone should see this (pictures do not do it justice) but then I'll have to deal with you bastards on the road. So all of you can just live with my photos. It is surreal beyond belief to be in such big country and see maybe 6 cars in 6 hours. P.S. After all my stress over the new work visa, the guy barely looked at my documents and said quote "see you next year"! God I love Alaska.


bill said…
Glad you're back safe and sound. And, that you are going to stay around a while longer. - Bill
fdr said…
Thats great! Thank God.

I love the pics
Thanks guys. Glad to be home. I'll never do that trip in 24 hours again I don't think...too exhausting.
Anonymous said…
Did you have "Fire on the Mountain" to sustain you?
FishTaxi said…
Glad it all went well. Next year take the family and stop in at Lake Louise. Its gorgeous with great camping spots and lodges if you want.

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