So, what does one do when it light until almost midnight and your damn boat motor is on a barge somewhere between Tacoma and Kenai? Well fish of course. Grab the canoe, some Bud Light, a buddy and go fishing. As usual, I am posing. I didn't catch this fish and didn't catch any fish (I still have not caught a fish in Alaska that I could eat). But who cares? A beautiful night on an Alaska lake.

Life right now is frantic between moving, getting the new place set up and the old place ready for the renters. So it is good to get out on the water. After all, this is why I came to Alaska. Now I just need to get the wife into the outdoors. P.S. We move into the new house in the next few days and I will, finally, after 8 months in the wilderness, have high speed internet again. Yay!


Anonymous said…
You better get some skills, boy-o. We've got some fishing to do in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said…
Why don't you spend some money on new glasses instead of the other crap? You look retarded!
Anon, I am retarded. Don't you know that by now? New glasses? Are you insane? Instead of, oh I don't know, fishing equipment? Now who's the retard? P.S. Nice comment by the way. Really pleasant. You should make a diary entry about that. You are just so fresh and original.
fdr said…
Actually that's pretty funny. And I LIKE your glasses! ;-)
Anonymous said…
At least his wife doesn't have to worry about other women hitting on him. I would get a second job if I had to so I could buy new name brand glasses.

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