So, we had a bear in our yard tonight. Last night G and I slept in the yard. Like little creamy filled puff pastries. Unarmed and drunk. Tonight, the dogs were going crazy. J said go check. So I opened the back door and there is this Grizzly bear maybe 25 feet away getting harassed by our dogs. The camera was 2 feet from me but I couldn't get a pic right away as G and I got the dogs inside and guns ready. In Alaska, you can step outside and run into a bear. To think how little I've been armed. Well that ends tonight.

P.S. I caught my first fish to eat today. Tiny, isn't it?


Anonymous said…
That's what she said!
j said…
Thats exactly what i said word for word actually!!!!
The dogs make a habit of barking at nothing, most of the time. And anyone who owns dogs know they have different barks.
This sounded different, usually the "we are bad asses" suddenly did not sound so sure of themselves!!
It was pretty neat seeing the bear, standing on its hind legs, investigating a bird house.
It was amazing to see that close up.
FishTaxi said…
Thats always exciting and tends to wake you up. maybe the bear wanted some of your beer?!?

Good dogs.
Yup, good dogs. Thought they were useless but they had that grizzly dialed in. Even if we had been out in the yard, they would have kept him busy until he left or I had the shotgun on him.

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