So, the vacation is almost at an end. Despite my promise to G, we did not get out to sea this trip. Yesterday we drove to Seward to borrow a Zodiac. Had to use the crane to unload it from the hold of the fishing ship it was stored it. Put it together. Pumped it up. Drove down to the boat launch. Paid our $10 fee. Started the motor up. Put it in reverse. So far so good. When I went to move forward, the engine just spun. Some linkage in the outboard was broke so we didn't get to go out. Hours "wasted" (if drinking beer with buddies in my favorite town in Alaska while screwing around with a boat is "wasted time".) So we went fishing from shore where I caught my first Alaska salmon.
No trophy, but tasty nonetheless. Now that that barrier is broken I hope to have a sucessful summer. Back to work for G and I in a few days but a great vacation all in all. Went shooting. Cut wood. Drank beer. Slept outside. Saw a bear, moose, seals, bald eagles. Caught a few fish. Hung out with friends and family. Slept in, watched movies and ordered pizza. Next week, I'll be back with my same old controversial self. I'll have to think about something to write about


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