So, this is why I love Alaska. This happened in a driveway down in Homer. Do you see why it so important to arm yourself? I have little sympathy for bears I am afraid. In some parts of Alaska 19 out of 20 every moose calves are killed by predators, with bears doing the lion share of the killing. I know nature has its balance and all that but I figure since I'm an apex predator I'll do my part for the moose and kill a bear or two. September 1, 2007 I am a resident. Fair warning bears. For the video see


Anonymous said…
Apex predator?

The chance to bait a bear and kill over a barrel of grease?

Apex predator. Snort.
CD, Dallas, TX said…
That this couple knew there are bears in the area and still kept their dog outside is outrageous. They should be cited for abusing and endangering their dog.

And for the "Apex Predator", I hope the bear has an AK 47 with him when he visits the grease trap. Call it a "Carnivore Equalizer".
jackie williams said…
I know its nature and all of that. But that poor moose was probably hungry too. Alaska should provide a better environment for its wildlife where they all can be fed without wandering into neighborhoods. As for the Lyons, how they could photograph such horror instead of their compassion kicking in to save the moose is beyond me. They should have grabbed a gun and shot the bear instead of gleefully photographing the death of that poor moose struggling for its life. As I said, it was probably looking for food, too. Some people have no compassion, such as hunters who kill animals for fun.
Anonymous said…

I'm confused by your comment. Better environment? Most of Alaska is wild country. What better environment could Alaska possibly provide? Build bear houses so they can eat at cloth-lined bear tables and served bear food? Did you know that bears are predators? That killing other animals is a part of survival? Did you also know that an unchecked population spreads disease and causes more moose deaths than death by predators?
Lucas Skywalker said…
"With bears doing the lion share of the killing"
Anon, bear baiting is harder than you think. Bears aren't stupid. At least the ones that have gotten big. You may attract other bears, such as sows with cubs, but no ehtical sportsman would shoot them. I sure wouldn't. And you also can't bait for brown bears. There was a 3 hour class on the all the regulations that you have to learn to bait. Besides it is exactly my ability to lure in animals and hide my own scent, sounds etc that makes me the apex predator. Since humans don't have the smelling ability, or hearing, of wild animals, we have to use other methods to hunt. If I was reduced to eating the grease, you might have a better point. And that is why we are above bears on the food chain. The same comments go to cd in dallas. Come up hunting with me. You can carry the bait a 1/2 mile in with me. Make one wrong noise and those bears will be gone like a fart in the wind. Jackie, I would not have saved the moose. The bear does need to eat. As for hunters having no compassion, I could not disagree more. I'll write more later but part of the reason I hunt is because of how badly animals raised by humans are treated in factory farms. I have a ton of compassion for animals. as anyone who knows me would say.
Ursa Major said…
There are only two types of bears.

Good bears....Far Away.

Bad Bears....Too Close..Get Dead.

Survival rate for moose is 50% FIRST YEAR. This is not because of man.
Oh, and CD in Dallas, if we all had to keep our dogs inside because of the possibility of bears, no one in Alaska would be allowed a dog. Remember this happened in a driveway in Homer. There are bears everywhere. Hell, I say let the dogs run loose. At least I might get some warning when I need to lock and load.
Anonymous said…
The wanna-be great white hunter, ...waltzing into this state, and all of a sudden you have delusions that you are a part of the natural order around here. Pffffft.

And certainly nothing about bear baiting would ever qualify your delusion of grandeur that killing animals over a barrel of bait equates to you being an 'apex predator'.

No amount of you trying to glorify or justify killing animals over bait will make it anything other than what it is,'s the worst kind of slob hunting.

Bear baiting is promoted and defended by slobs, lazy weekend warriors who feed their egotistic notion that they magically have become 'frontiersmen' scratching out their noble existence from the savage wilderness.

All slob hunters, especially bear baiters should be banned.

You aren't a predator at all, let alone an apex predator. You are a parasite, your killing is only to serve your interests at the expense of the your host. Just the same as a parasite.

And you aren't 'harvesting' game. You aren't 'harvesting' nature's bounty. All you're doing is killing animals. Nature is not your farm, you haven't grown any animals to harvest. You didn't plant any animals, or tend them to maturity. You are a parasite in the natural order. All you're doing is taking what you want, killing because you can, not because you have any part in the natural order of nature, but to feed your delusions of yourself as noble provider.

Your vision of you being the noble equalizer in the balance of nature is nothing but juvenile delusional egotism.

Leave the bears alone, they aren't there to feed your egotistic Daniel Boone fantasy. They aren't there for you to nail their head on the wall, lay their skins on your floor.

It's a sure bet you won't be 'hunting' because you're hungry or in need of sustenance. You're running back and forth from your house full of major appliances full of food. You eat before you go 'hunting' and you take food with you to eat while you're 'hunting'. Hunter, you don't kill animals because you have no alternative, you're not a hunter, you're just a thrill killer.

Apex predator, aren't even an apex parasite.

You're not a link in the food chain, you're an interloper, a parasite, ...a leech.

No repetition of your delusions changes what the reality is, you kill because you can.
Anonymous said…
In defense of PD Alaska, he doesn't purchase meat because of ethical reasons regarding the factory farm system. I recall that he was free-ranging chickens in CA. So unless you want him to go vegitarian, I say it is his right to hunt bears, moose, or whatever other species he does, so long as it is done in a humane manner and he uses the kill. Not sure, but I don't think he is just blasting animals just to kill. In many ways hunting is far more humane, economical, and ecologically sound in AK than is purchasing factory flesh.
fdr said…
I love the big bad ass ANONYMOUS posters, accusing YOU of cowadrice!
Anonymous said…
I believe the last mammal Ben killed was a goat raised by Ben from birth. I don't remember its name, but I do remember he and his wife hand feeding it, caring for it, and keeping it warm during the winter. I remember sitting out on the back deck watching them jump around on each other. Anon, why not ask questions before making your wrongheaded assumptions? That's because no matter what is said, you will not be deterred from your vision of the slob hunter.
Anon, I don't know what to say. Not sure if you anger is directed at me personally (I tend to have that effect on people) OR if it as hunting generally. Either way, I won't try and change your mind. I hunt. I care about animals deeply. I have cried over wounded animals. When I kill I do so as instantly as possible. I spend great sums of money to ensure the happiness of the animals I raise for food and I ensure they never suffer in life or death. I am sorry you feel I am a a parasite. Having trucked in beef or a moose I killed myself is a no brainer.

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