So, a quick note. I'm back. With high speed internet! Thank God. I feel alive again. Life right now is insane. Trying to get old house painted and cleaned. Trying to finish moving. Am getting forced into a felony trial in Homer next week. It is fishing season and everyone is going fishing but me. Kadee is really enjoying our new back yard as you can see. She is sure motoring along these days. Anyways, I'll write more later but just wanted everyone to know that we are doing well and hope to get settled in soon. I have one more week of work and then I have 9 days off! G is coming down and we are going to fish and drink our asses off. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
You actually encourage your child to torture the grass by running over it??? Ahhhh! Slob lawn-owner!!! It's disgusting!!! Ahhhhh!
If you listen carefully you can hear each individual blad of grass screaming. Just like I when I boil baby bunnies.
Anonymous said…
If you look closely KD is wearing nothing but socks. That is dangerous, OCS should come out and make sure she has shoes. That ground looks like it might be hard to fall on.You had better "Nerf Proof" everything. You are a very dangerous dad.

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