So, once again I get to pose with someone else's kill. Went out at 5:30 am (fully light by the way) today to help drag this fella out of the bush. Being turned into sausage as we speak. He was a 4 to 6 year old boar with a 16 1/4 inch skull. About average for the Kenai Peninsula. For all of you horrified by bear baiting, it is not easy. Try lugging a 175 pound bear on a sled 1/2 mile over deadfall at 6 in the morning surrounded by mosquitoes and brown bears. Besides we are eating the meat. One of these days I'll kill a bear. Catch a fish. Until then we'll all have to live vicariously through my friends. P.S. I won't be able to post again until at least Saturday. We begin the big move tomorrow into the new house and we have no internet access until Saturday. Besides, with all the moving and painting and all that there won't be any time to blog. I'll post pics of the new place when I come back. Have a good week!


Anonymous said…
There are better ways, my friend. Box-o-bears is really the way to go.
Anonymous said…
Wow what a big man you are,go get some counselling you animal killer.
You need help. You are a nasty person and pretty nuts.
fdr said…
Beautiful beast. What a blessing to be able to feed your family from something that lived out his life naturally, instead of some hormone glutted, stuck in a pen knee deep in feces, genetically engineered, pathetic animal.

God bless on the move. I hope it goes well. Just thinkin gof moving makes my heart palpitate and my palms sweat.
Anonymous said…
Listen to you self-righteous anonymouses. Are you both Vegans? Do you own a leather belt? Leather seats in your car? Or are bears that have already lived a nice bear life somehow more deserving of your love than a poor cow who never sees the light of day and is killed for hamburger and your leather purse.

Besides, bear can be damn good eating. Nice breakfast sausage. It is funny. If people disagree with hunting nothing will change their mind. But objectively, as FDR points out, it is better than factory farming. This bear lived a good life until a 45-70 bullet ended it. No suffering in life or death. But anon #1 is right. A box of bears is in my future next spring.
unknown said…
So now you rassled that thar 'bar' out of the woods, all the while surrounded by big brutish brown bears and encircled in hordes of bloodsucking mosquitos.

....such drame. Big woop....

Your embellishments just might give a thrill to some supermarket mom in Los Angeles, but people who live here see that kind of thing as extremely gratuitous.

You rode out in a car, walked maybe 5 minutes, (unless you're really slow) and shot an animal who had his head in a barrel of grease you put out to trap him with.

Goodness, then you put the bear in a sled and had to drag it a whole half mile?

You don't mention you could have boned the meat out and packed it out without resorting to the sled method. But perhaps field dressing your hard won trophy was too arduous a task.

Slob hunters, ....killing animals over bait.
unknown said…
...and what is it that compels you to have your picture taken with other peoples catch or kill?

That's really creepy. Glory hound....

For the record, mosquitoes this time of year are next to non-existent.

Sure punched up that drama though.
Anonymous said…
I live here. Rather than gratuitous, I see it as a better breakfast than Tyson's chicken-fed chicken parts.

Gratuitous--please. Gee, how many "real" Alaskans have heads mounted on every square inch of their living room walls? "Many" is the answer. My God, drive through any village or city outside of Los Anchorage or Juneau and you'll see endless pickets of antlers and skulls. And don't even pretend that they are subsistance hunters and therefore excused from your moral bullshit regarding display of one's kill.

The fact is killing the animals in the wild, no matter the method, is far more humane. The food is better for you. And the hide is useful. Who gives a shit about taking a picture of it? What kind of story must he have to make this acceptible to you? That he killed it by engaging in hand-to-hand combat, eventually overpowering it with his buck knife? I would hazard to guess that you'll snort at that as well.

The fact is you are the Los Angeles housewife shrieking at the horror of the public killing of animals, preferring the job to be done within the walls of a industrial processing plant. You prefer your veal being milk fed in a box so that the meat will remain tender when you dab it in red sauce at Olive Garden. Who is the slob hunter?
Bill said…
I think it is a beautiful bear, and am jealous that at least you had a hand in helping out, and probably learned a lot for your hunt next spring. I’m sure your friend who shot it was grateful that you helped him drag it out of the woods. Basically, I think there are two types of people opposed to your posing with someone else’s bear and/or hunting (with or without bait) in general: 1. People whose upbringing did not expose them to hunting, and prefer to be naive about slaughterhouses, etc.; and 2. (Incidentally, I think there are more of these in this particular instance) people who know you through work, at court, or etc., and who are just trying to get your goat. Either way, nothing to worry about! This fall you’ll hunt in Alaska, and next spring, you can bait your own bear!
Ha, the funniest thing about this whole thing is the comment about mosquitoes being "non-existent". Now I'm no caribou up on the North Slope but I sure as hell had plenty of mosquitoes buzzing around me. The bait station is by a lake and they were around. At the house in Soldotna, they are almost non-existent but out there they were crazy. As for posing with someone else's kill, hell, I'm proud of it. I didn't kill it but I helped with set-up. I got up at 5:30 am to drag it out of the bush. I'm going to eat it. As for field dressing, that was suggested. However I had to close on my house at 9 a.m. and just did not have time. Wiat til you see pics of my butcher shop that I am building tho! Slob hunter indeed. I care about animals, in life and death. And I'm not ashamed of that at all.
fdr said…

Anyone who reads your blog from when you started writing (as I have) would see you as a compassionate man. You love your wife and daughter and wildlife. True compassion is not compartmentalized. There are hunters who hunt because they love to kill. The Native Americans subsisted on wild life of course....but their was a gratitude in their hunting. They saw the deer as offering himself as a sacrifice so that the hunter could feed his family.

As a clergyman in the Orthodox Church, canon laws forbid me from hunting. Its not to say that hunting is wrong, as we have no prohibition for the layman, but to point to our origins in Eden when Mankind lived in peace with the animals and to our destination, when once again, the lamb will lay down with the Lion. Many of our Saints in our history have manifested this in their lives. St. Herman, who lived on Spruce Island, right off Kodiak, had a bear that would eat from his hands.

I presently eat meat (except for our extensive fasting periods!), but my wife and I are taking baby steps to get off of food produced on "industrial farms." Food taken in the wild is so much better for you, and so much better for the animal.

Don't let agitators who don't have the balls to reveal themselves bother you. As someone said, thay are probably just co-workers busting YOUR balls. If PD's are like cops, and I think they are in many ways, more then you care to admit!

Hope the move is going well.
Anonymous said…
The title of the post is pretty clear. He didn't kill the bear. I don't think he's trying to claim glory for anything. I lived in rural Nigeria and we hunted all the time using a bait method. I don't know about black bears, but baiting for large game can be very hard and dangerous I don't understand what you mean by slob hunting. That bear looks delicious.
Anonymous said…
There can be no more confirming evidence that the subjective matter one may have raised has merit and substance, than when defense of the issue itself is ignored in favor of trying to cast doubt as to whether or not its raising came from a 'reputable' source.

It's a rhetorical device put into play to distract or divert attention from the issue raised.

(see various Republican Party methods of debate, and you will see that same tactic frequently put to use, and the reason why is most often because the issue itself is undeniable, the only option is to try to divert or distract attention away from that undeniable and indefensible truth by casting doubt on who may have raised the issue.

Trial lawyers are oft schooled in the use of the same rhetorical devices.)

The issue is slob hunting, no matter how much proponents try to portray it as 'hard work', it's not as much work as hunting without bait. It's not as difficult, nor does it require one to learn the skills required to hunt employing the traditional custom of 'fair chase'.

Hunting over bait makes it easy, that's why some slob hunters try to justify it. They're just too lazy to want to have to expend the effort, or hone the skills required to do it any other way.

The slob hunter will always take the easy way out, ...and all the while, .....still boasting of his 'prowess'.
Anonymous said…
I wonder if you've taken that theory to its logical conclusion. What is fair hunting? Relying on a bear's attracting to a giant barrel of grease? How about staking out a particular natural feeding ground? One is man-made and one is not--same effect.
Again I ask whether fair hunting includes a modern rifle? Or should he have used a blackpowder rifle? Bow and arrow? Spear? Buck knife? Throughout human history there have been "traditional" hunting techniques based upon the best available technology. Which is more fair and traditional? The answer is "who cares". The manner in which bears are killed matters very little, so long as it is regulated to preserve a healthy population.
fdr said…
If Ben were a real man, he would take on Yogi w/ a set of Num-chuks! And he would carry out his kill on his back....without wearing shoes!
Anonymous said…
I think Ben should get out there with nothing but his bare teeth and fingernails (after giving his nails a close trim.) He should also not benefit from man-made clothing, (a distict advantage over the bear). He should have to make a skirt from bark (rough bark would be the most fair).... and while the bear is ripping his chaffed ass limb from limb, the soccer mom vegans can applaud his naturalness (yes I know that's probably not a word).
Anonymous said…
oops... forgot to sign... that last one was me.

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