So, men. Let me tell you the hardest part about living in Alaska, from my point of view. It is the balance between work and family and enjoying why I came here in the first place. Right now I am on my first vacation in over 3 years. G is down from Fairbanks. Despite the fact that the boat motor is still sitting in Gary Indiana, we are determined to have fun this week. J, not unreasonably, thinks I should spend part of the time with her and Kadee. It is hard, I think, for women to understand how men can stand around a campfire drinking beer and telling fishing stories all day. Even more, how most men could probably do it every day the rest of their lives if we didn't have to work.
So, I don't know. If you come to Alaska just be aware that there may be some fights over this issue. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, boating, etc all beckon May-September. I'll do my best this week to strike a balance between family and goofing off, but I intend to recharge my batteries as much as I can. I think every defense attorney has days where he is absolutely convinced that the criminal justice system system is not only corrupt but rigged. I've had more and more of them lately and I knew that after three years of never having time, it was time to take a break. Those of you who practice defense work know what I mean: this is a damn hard job.
P.S. we went to the opening of the Ninilchik river last night. We caught nothing between us. But the river is only going to get better and we are going back for sure. My first Alaska salmon is still swimming somewhere.


j said…
A lot of wives will understand my point of view I hope. When you have kids, its a little frustrating to see the men go off without a second thought and have all the fun. I love being a mom but I do also like doing outdoor stuff.
I guess in a few years K will be old enough for us to join in, she is growing so quick it won't be long.
Maybe I should start a blog from a womans point of view.
fdr said…
You should. I know my wife would be interested in reading about it before I drag HER (and 4 kids!) off to Alaska!
Are you coming then FDR?

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