So, the last few days have been filled with thoughts of food. Although I can't hunt yet I have been helping to set up a bear baiting station. Yesterday evening we went up and set up the strap on steps to the tree stands. The barrel hasn't been hit yet but it is full of goodies so I hope sometime this weekend it will be found.
I'll be an observer in the stand so I'll have pics of bears alive and, with luck, dead. Today, we went clamming for the first time. At first, I was despondent. I have never been a lucky fisherman or hunter and I was damned if I could find any sign of clams. But Ken, who appears to be more lucky than me (or just better) figured it out. Then I began to see too. You have to find these little dimples, which can be hard to do if the sand is rippled.
But, once you start seeing them, the clams start rolling in.

Now I have to go down and clean a bunch of razor clams, which I understand is a pain in the ass job. The new house has not closed as the bank is being stupid about a few things (as usual) but I hope to get it straightened out next week. I start a felony trial Monday morning which may make it more difficult to get everything to the bank during working hours, but I hope to have news soon. Alright. Going down to learn how to clean clams. Hope the instructions at are right!

P.S. as the pics upload an hour later I am still at it. People are is a pain in the ass job.


Anonymous said…
Not being lucky catching would not want to catch this one.
BadFish said…
Anon, Jesus. Thank God I am a 90%'er. You know, 90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the fishermen. I like my odds suddenly! Badfish, way to make a bad situation worse! I'll take cleaning clams anyday.

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