So, a busy day. First, I went to Homer at 5:30 a.m. Lost a supression motion but continued a trial. On the way back stopped at Anchor Point for lunch and saw the tractors launch the boats into the water. An absolutely amazing day. Can't wait for next week. To get from Homer to Kenai you have to drive past the Ninilchik River and Deep Creek. A bunch of us will on the Ninilchik River this friday at midnight when we can start fishing for King Salmon. Apparently there will be thousands of people on the Kenai Peninsula this Memorial day weekend.
Enlarge this photo (click on it) and check out the group of bald eagles in the center of the photo. They are waiting too! Then, because it was a block away, I went to check on the boat. Still no motor. But everything else is done and I am hoping to go out with G on our 9 days of drunken fishing. Downriggers are on and new rod holders are built.
Finally, I got home to the contractors building my new brewery/butcher shop.

I helped them for about 4 hours. Thank God I got a tax refund check today because I was down to $14. I have overextended myself to do it all at once. I'll be paying for years but at least I am here and I'll have the gear to live the Alaska dream. Like this photo. Just think G, in a week, with luck, this will be us going out to kill halibut. Will killing delicious halibut make me a worse person than I already am? If so, can I cure my evilness with a deep fryer and some potatoes?


Anonymous said…
Ben and his gang O friends are busy, getting ready for this fishing thing or should i say excuse for mass booze up!!
Of course K and I were asked as a token gesture but never seriously invited.
Although it would have been a lot of fun and we could have met a lot of neat people. Alas we are not the chosen few, who get to have fun.
I guess the pictures will have have to do.
Quin said…

Since Ben got his raise and another coming July 1 with the new fiscal year I'm sure you could get a sitter and go to the new spa out Funny River. It is very poular with the International set, lots of folks from the EU rave about the place.
Quin, what raise? That would be good news. But alas, if true, it hasn't reached me yet.

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