So, since I'm putting my cards on the table, let me tell you something else: I am a strong personal supporter of the death penalty. Professionally I have my concerns, but on a personal level I believe that there are some people who should just die. Unfortunately, I think that many States misapply the death penalty. This ultimate punishment should not be meted out to the man who kills a store cleark in a botched robbery. Not given out for "mere" rape or "child molestation", although there are many who feel that it should. All of those crimes may be horrible but in most cases prison is enough of a punishment for those criminals in my mind. No. The death penalty must be reserved for men like John Couey. If you have a sensitive stomach STOP READING NOW! This is the scum that, while high on crack and alcohol, kidnapped 9 year old Jessica Lunsford right from her own bedroom. Raped her. Stashed her in his closet. Then, not knowing what to do next, told her that he "needed to put her outside". So he put her in a garbage bag. Bound her hands with wire. Then he buried her alive with her toy dolphin just 150 yards from her own house. I have often wondered how I would react if I was assigned a case like this. I am just not sure I could do it. I hope to never, ever have to do it. The problem is I believe that upon conviction (Couey has been convicted and the jury has recommended the death penalty) and immediate appeals a criminal like this should be taken outside and shot. Hell, I'd do it myself and feel a hell of lot less guilt than when I kill an animal. The thought that there are men like that out there in a world with my daughter in it makes my skin crawl. Of course, I have felt this way long before I was a dad. I remember the day they executed John Wayne Gacy. I was tree-planting in northern BC and I remember actually cheering. I remember the movie "Dead Man Walking" really convinced me that the death penalty is neccessary and appropriate in these types of cases. It is not about deterrance. Just like you can't deter the random shooter like at Virginia tech, you can't deter these guys. It is also not about personal vengeance. It is simply that some men are so evil and have done such evil acts that they have forfeited their lives. If Jessica's father had taken the law into his own hands I would have sold my soul to the devil to defend him. I believe very much in fair trials. But where there is no doubt as to guilt and the man has committed a horrific murder (or murders) I believe they should be executed. Quickly. If someone ever hurt my little girl like that I would take him apart like a hog. No law, or man, on earth could stop me and I know several men who would help. Society should feel no less strongly. Rest in peace Jessica.


anon. said…
More armchair bravado.

If it isn't 'about you', why post such boastful tripe like 'I'd take him apart like a hog'? There is nothing in that statement that is about anything but you and your hypothetical machismo.

You may learn someday to write about issues that are important to you without feeling the need to boast about how you fantasize in a role playing act. If you ever learn to do that, you might find people more likely to pay attention to the issues at hand, rather than them just seeing yet another self-indulgent crow taking the opportunity to blow his own imaginary horn.

That's the thing with 'laying your cards on the table', you only get the satisfaction of taking the pot if you have an unbeatable hand. Bluffing with two pairs is not very good strategy.

I have to wonder about your qualified pronouncement that there are 'mere' rapes too.

'Mere rape'?

Since when has rape become a crime that you get to differentiate it's degree of impact or heinousness?

What's next? Are you going to grace us with your ability to judge the relevance or irrelevance of women's reproductive rights?
Nah, I'll stay out of the abortion debate. It is easy to differentiate classes of crimes. Look at almost any penal code. For example, first degree sexual assault is defined as...... Second degree sexual assault is defined as.... I am not actually aware of any State that imposes death for rape or child molestation, as I believe that a dead body is necessary for the death penalty. I think you forget that this blog is about my opinions. I am entitled to them. If you don't like them, don't read them. And, my friend, if you think it is "boastful" that I would kill any man that raped and killed my daughter, you do not know me. I do not "fantasize" about my daughter being killed either Jackass. I simply state the death penalty is appropriate in these types of cases and I PERSONALLY feel that personal vengeance is warranted. You are clearly not a parent. Or, if you are, I guess you don't have strong feelings for your kids. Either way, you clearly don't know what the f$%# you are talking about.
Anonymous said…
I know I posted this before but it is worth saying.... again:

Anon, you are some seriously messed up dude. You come on to this blog and try to sound soooo intelligent dragging down the author. It is so obvious that you are indeed just trying to get a "reaction." Is your life really so empty? You pretend to be so well adjusted but if that's the case, why do you feel such an obvious need for attention?
Sad. I feel sorry for you. I hope you find what you don't know you are looking for.

P.S. Your comments do make it obvious that you don't know the blog author... but you keep coming back to read the blog.... That seems counter-intutive to your position that the blog is uninteresting or merely self-aggrandizing.
Anonymous said…
I think we give ourselves too much credit if we think we can discern between those who are truly evil and those who can be rehabilitated. Case in point might be Mr. Couey. And I'm relying on your recollection, but would he commit this crime if he wasn't high on crack? Has he no potential value to society because he committed a crack-induced murder? There has got to be few cases indeed where there wasn't some external element at work; where the person was truly evil. How are we do decide that? I sure as hell wouldn't want to leave that determination to a jury. Sometimes, juries want people dead on something far less than reasonable doubt simply because the subject matter is too inflammatory. Can we really rely upon them to decide who is truly evil and who is not?

Another anon
Another anon, that is a great response from a legal point of view. In a professional setting I would (and have) make the exact same arguments. You would be a better lawyer than me on a case like this, because I am not sure I could divorce my personal feelings from my ethical duties as counsel. As with all these things there are no easy answers, only my opinion.

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