So, let me tell you two things about Alaska law. One is good and one is bad. First, the good. You are allowed to bait black bears here. I will never convince those opposed to any hunting that this is good. But for hunters, it makes sense. Black bear populations are healthy enough to allow reasonable levels of hunting. And killing the big boars is what makes the most sense. Big boars kill cubs. Big boars have the most meat and the biggest hides. ONe of the reasons why baiting makes so much sense is that it allows a hunter to carefully consider his target. Bears, unlike deer, moose etc do not have a readily visible indicia of sex. A hunter has to be more careful. No one wants to gun down a sow with cubs. It is illegal and immoral unless done in defense of life or property. When done right (and lawfully) a hunter in a tree stand can look at the bear and make damn sure it is not only the bear he wants but a boar. The number and regulations regarding baiting are substanial. Some people feel it is not "sporting" but it is better resource management than shooting any bear in sight. Furthermore not everyone who baits kills a bear. Bears can, and do, learn to be cautious of food in a steel barrel. Also, being in a tree stand above hungry black (and even grizzly) bears is not without risk. It makes sense all around. Although I will not hunt in Alaska until after September 1, I am one of the newest registered bear baiters in Alaska. This spring I will accompany hunters to the hunt and next spring I will hopefully kill a bear over bait.
Now one of the crappy parts of Alaska law. In Alaska, many people convicted of a crime have to give their DNA to the State. Every time a judge does this, I still feel my blood boiling. It is retarded. I can understand certain convictions triggering this requirement. For example a convicted rapist might reasonably have committed other crimes where DNA might be useful. But a drunk driver? Someone who gets in a shoving match with his or her spouse? It is ridiculous. I would love to see the statistics on how many unsolved rapes or murders have been solved by requiring the guy who had one drink too many to give a DNA sample. It is amazing how the people of this country just give the government whatever personal information they ask for. What could more personal than your DNA? And no one has yet to convince me why it is a good idea to make almost EVERYONE give a DNA sample. It is frightening to me. But I guess I am the last one who thinks government should stay the hell out of people's bodies unless there is a damn good reason to intrude.


rontulin said…
If the black bear is in a tree, you shake it and wait for their nuts to rattle.

Them black bears don't get that big down here in FL. However, our DNA database is as probably as big because just about everything is crime anymore. When I started practicng law, the criminal code and prcoedure book was small. Now it is so thich, I don't carry in my brief case anymore.

Stay warm.

bill said…
B: I very much agree with your thoughts on the DNA registration. Too much government is never a good thing. This is too intrusive. Has anyone challenged the constitutionality of this in Alaska yet? In Ohio, we have a DNA database, but only for convicted felons. While it is still bad, its not as bad. After all there are so many, many stupid felonies, which have no indicia of violence. There should be at least some connection between the instant offense and sex offenses, or, at least, violent offenses. Also, I happy to read that your daughter is walking, and having a birthday. Now, you’ll never be able to hold her down! - Bill
FDR said…
This freedom loving cop agrees with you. I fear more governemnt control more then I fear terrorists and rapists.

SPeaking of DNA and rapists, have you seen the story about the apprehension here in Buffalo of our "Bike path Rapist" and the subsequent release from prison of a man incarcerated for 22 YEARS on the case. It was the detectives who had the case WORKING with his defense attorney who finally got his release. There was n't much you could do 22 years ago, as both victims fingered him in a line-up.

But I like it when we are all out for the same thing....justice...which doesn't have to be divorced from mercy.

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