So, just wanted to show you the new house. Not our dream home but with the medical bills for my healthy family (the State of Alaska has the crappiest medical plan EVER for its employees by the way...the crappiest EVER), the new boat, other expenses and the $20,000 I lost on the house in California, it is the best we can do. The current place is rented out for a year. It is not a bad place actually. A few blocks from the Kenai river (the world's best sportfishing river) and the seller says there is a great Red salmon hole right by the house. It has a guest cabin/workshop (the one with the chimney).

It also has a 3 car carport. One "port" is completely enclosed and it will be 1/2 butcher shop and 1/2 brewery.
The other two will keep the snow off the cars next winter. I will not have the shop that I wanted but I will have a workshop. The house was built in 1982 is 1644 square feet (not including some bonus rooms under the house where my office and gun room will be), on .96 acre and a few blocks from the college and one of the best elmentary schools on the Kenai Peninsula. $164,750. Not bad. We move in as soon as the appraisal is done, although the seller says we can move in earlier if needed. There is a racket, by the way. Appraising. What a joke. $800 to do maybe two hours of "work". And there is a 3 to 6 week backlog because there are not enough of them here on the Peninsula. In other news, the weather here is amazing and it seems that everyone is excited about fishing. Check out this line today at the excellent store Soldotna Hardware and Fishing ( Got some gear myself. They are coming! I should finalize on my boat early next week and will show you that bad boy. Halibut here we come.


Anonymous said…
Nice place, Ben. Looking forward to Memorial Day week.

The cabin is yours for the week. Remember to get here for 8 p.m. friday because the Kings open on Midnight!
Anonymous said…
I didn't read anything about how you're excited to finally have high speed internet for gaming and stuff.

I don't even know who you are any more.


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