So, check out my new boat. 1978 Silverstreak river boat. 24' feet of pure fishing and hunting power. It now belongs to me. And AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union. God they suck by the way. I am getting a brand new Olds 455 put in and a bunch of other work done on it. I am then going to re-finance it. My payments right now are twice what I expected them to be. After the hell that bank put me through, I am not letting them keep the loan. I am hoping to have it on the water by mid may. I spent $7000 on the boat and am spending another $9000 on repairs an upgrades (like rod holders, downriggers etc.). Somethings I am doing myself, like re-carpeting the interior. Look at the 1970's carpet in there.

But when I am done I will have a boat worth $20K plus I am told. I have almost no experience boating and want to be safe. With the brand new motor and all brand new electronics (already in), I should be good to go.

This boat is a jet boat and will go in water as shallow as 12 inches deep. It will also go in the ocean, and I am told that the original owner used it as a halibut charter boat for years. All of which means, although there is a strong argument to be made that this purchase wasn't the smartest financial move I could have made, it will open up much of Alaska to me. And my fishing buddies, who had better kick in on the $150 or so it will cost to fill. But with halibut running $16.99 a pound, this boat will pay for itself. At least that is what I tell myself. In all honesty I am excited as hell.
Not just boating but fishing and hunting in spots uninhabited by people is now much more possible. Plus, I love to learn new skills. Now I have to learn how to use GPS. Read a tide chart. Use a downrigger. Filet a halibut. And zoom up rivers so wild we'll be the only people around. God I love Alaska.


Anonymous said…
Oh my god! Get that thing in the river!

Get your ass down here boy! It will be bad ass. Got fish?
FishTaxi said…
With a boat like that you could put her in at Deep Creek and zoom out to the halibut grounds by slack tide to catch big ones. Then head to the falls and troll for copper kings on your way back to Deep Creek and not have to worry about too low of a tide to get her back up and out. Good times!
Anonymous said…
Gee, it sounds like you have a bit of research to do, my friend.

kingavshar said…
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