So, you haven't lived until you have been to the Great Alaska Sportsman show. Wow. Managed to spend only $100 and learned a lot. Took a class on skinning bears, care of game meat, float hunts and on fishing for salmon and halibut. Took five hours of driving but definitely a day worth repeating. Also got approved for a loan on the 24 foot boat pictured yesterday. Let the games begin!


Anonymous said…
You should have learned your lesson on debt, but oh well. You must not mind working your bag off to pay for it. Go into debt for a car and a house,anything else is a waste of time and money. I can live without the toys for now because one sweet day me and the young girl here will be able to walk in and pay cash for out quad and things.
W, W, W, we are not in the same place. You need to be responsible but you only live once. Try living in Alaska without a boat. You can't come here to enjoy the wilderness and not have one. There are very, very few roads here. Camping, hunting, fishing, hiking etc are now all in reach. I make good money and when you trade off a MUCH smaller house, it'll be the same.
Anonymous said…
Yes maybe we are not in the same place but in 2 years we will be ok and will have a really high income, not owe a dime and we will keep it that wayexept for Buy a new modular and a new car and we will be set. People have good debts and stupid ones, we are paying off stupid ones for now.
The richest people I know are really cheap and that has helped us to learn how to save money.
Get rich or die trying!
No doubt you'll be cruising the Kasiloff. If you ever get back to the lower 48, you'll be interested in cruising the inland waterways depicted in the attached article:

HREF="">Great Waterways
Anonymous said…
"Not in the same place" I thought it was "NOT IN THE SAME BOAT".
FishTaxi said…
I'm so glad things are coming together for you.

Let spring begin!

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