So, why am I so happy in this picture? We drove to Anchorage today so I could go to a continuing legal education class on immigration law as it relates to criminal defendants. J got to go to Walmart. I got to go to Sportsman's Warehouse (and I managed to spend only $140 on ammo and camo!) On the way home, I noticed this. What is it you say? WATER WITHOUT ICE!!! Just as the Kenai River flows out of Kenai Lake at Cooper Landing, there is water. Pure, sweet water. If you have ever spent a winter in a 960 square foot house with a wife, a teething child, 4 dogs and 1002 square feet of noisy children's toys, you will know what this means. The start of "breakup". Fishing. Hiking. Hunting. Camping. Gardening. Bear watching. The outdoors. Talking about all of that, I have made a big decision. Huge. Let's just say here is a picture of the boat I am buying with my tax refund (a 16' Lund with a 25 horse 4 stroke). I won't live even one summer here without a boat. This one is nothing fancy but it will get us onto the lakes and rivers this summer and fall. On the pure, sweet water that is now beginning to show 40 miles upriver. COME ON SPRING! This blog is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
It is a beautiful drive from here to Anchorage.
I cannot wait to show my mother, when she visits this summer.
Thanks to Walmart and the huge mountain of (loud) goodies my family have sent, K will be all set for her b-day.
Looking forward to the summer and I may, even get invited out on the new toy!!!
Anonymous said…
rontulin said…
Lund Boats are the best for the North woods. A time tested and good craft. Enjoy.
kingavshar said…
you are really passionate about your life and alaska.
I looked at another boat...a 24 foot silverstreak. Swore I would never buy another old vehicle again but this may be too good to pass up.
Anonymous said…
You should pays off your debts in full and then have fun,that is what we are doing. Life is so much sweeter debt free! Get rich or die trying.
Little brother
Sure, life is less stressful with no debt. But also less fun. As long as you don't overextend, it is ok. So we will buy less house so I can do more with my money. Like have a boat. Newer truck. Etc.
Anonymous said…
If me and Deanna stay on track we will be debt free by September. Then a few other small bill's, mother and so on and our life begins. We will buy a mobile and live cheap so we can spend our money on poodles and traveling. We just want a low key life and some snouts to play with and tease.
We call it freedom 35 because that is how old we will be when the S*#*t is over.
Anonymous said…
We didn,t over extend our selves buy I got sick and CA students make NO money. F%^*k it will be nice when she is done! She will work for herself and be her own boss because you don,t make any cash working for some other dick!

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