So, stuff is getting better. Stuff is getting better everyday. The Agency has hired several new lawyers, two of whom showed up yesterday. Only one is a permanent position but the improvement in the office is amazing. Yesterday I got to box up 4 boxes of misdemeanor files and give them to a new lawyer. Now I can concentrate on the felonies and really delve into them. I expect my caseload to get a little bigger, but it is much better. We are still trapped in winter here. Coldest March on record. It gets damn cold at night (like -15 or colder). Right now it is snowing again. Although I enjoy ice fishing I have not been very lucky at it and I must admit I am getting a little anxious for some nicer weather and some "real" fishing. I am also hoping to move in time to get a fence built to keep the moose out of my garden. Of course, come September 1, 2007 any spike or fork bull, or any bull with antlers 50 inches or better will be fair game. But I understand it is almost impossible here to have a garden that is not protected somehow as the moose will get it. On other news, the radiator on the Suburban blew today. There goes another $300 or more. Thought about dumping it but we are narrowed down to 3 houses. I want to be moved by May 1. I just can't go buy a newer vehicle in fear of screwing up my mortgage. But let me tell you when it is -15 and you are driving to work in a vehicle with no floor you sure feel it! I wasn't sure I was going to make it this morning. Damn it was cold! Much colder than laying on the ice waiting for the fish to bite and the time to come for another drink of whiskey.


Melissa said…
I've been lurking for a long time (love the blog) and thought I had to come out of lurkdom to sympthize with the overworkedness (is that really a word?!) of a public defender. I'm in an 12 attorney office and we just lost 4 attorneys...very senior ones. And it's going to be hard to rebound from it.

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