So, I just got back from Homer (here is a pic of the lovely Homer Courthouse). This is the last month that I will not be in trial down there. Luckily, I have an excellent working relationship with the DA down there and we can resolve most of the cases. The few that need trial are piled up for April 9. Should be fun...after work maybe I can go fish. Anyways not much else is new. I am still steaming about the rude treatment at the hands of the realtor. Whatever else you do, do NOT use Soldotna Realty ( for those of you that want to look into the seventh ring of hell). Both Barb and Cindy are the rudest people I have ever dealt with. Just go look at them. How happy do they look? At one point Cindy was literally screaming at me about expecting them for work for "free". As a lawyer, I "should know better". My crime? Saying I would represent myself and expect the seller to credit me the 3% somehow. These people are the worst of the worst. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. J has a good point: buy a cheaper house and buy my own toys. Maybe take a vacation for once. Check out under "services" the one day caribou hunt on You and a hunting partner fly in on a plane equipped with skis and, as a resident, can gun down five caribou and fly home. Five. I understand they have almost 100% success. Now I need to add snow camo to my list of things to buy. You fly out of Homer. Gabe, you ready? God I love Alaska.


Anonymous said…
Giddy up!

Bill said…
B: I think the Caribou hunts look like fun. Although the picture they have is either one sorry Caribou or a small deer. I love hunting, which is one of the reasons I am considering moving to Alaska. On the point about the realtors, you don't pay them. The seller does. Also, they don't represent you, they only represent the seller (unless they are licensed and signed as dual agents, which I think is totally improper, but allowed in some states (like here in Ohio.) Even then, the money comes from the seller). So, tell them, you don't want to work for free, the seller is paying them. But don't look for them to be nice to you. How you work out the 3% with the seller is between you and the seller, and your contract with the seller. Whether they get 3% or 6% is between them and the seller, and their contract with the seller. End of story. I like the idea of you getting to buy your own toys. Picking out your toys (I won’t say shopping, because I don’t want to sound too effeminate) is half the fun. - Bill

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