So, we went to Anchorage for the day. It was the first time J and Kadee had been there. First, we went to Walmart. When we pulled into the lot I could barely keep J from sprinting into the store. I think she knocked down about 3 old ladies; the old guy who greeted us just saw a blur of pink as J and Kadee went whizzing by. Anyways we went in and spent $300 on Kadee. We finally got her a crib so she can hopefully stop sleeping in bed with us. There was not one crib anywhere on the Kenai Peninsula so we are excited. I then took Kadee to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch. Wow. What a zoo. I thought Kadee would stroke out with sensory overload. If everyone in there just spent $10, the owners must be millionaires. As typical, however, her favorite thing in the whole place was a paper plate.

She cried a lot of the way there but with her paper plate she was as quiet as a mouse on the 3 hour drive back. Finally, we went to Sportmen's Warehouse. J got some clothes. Kadee got the most adorable realtree camo bib overall. I got a $3 fish knocker. To paraphrase the comedian Chris Rock..."all the man gets for working is the big piece of chicken". However, I made a mental note of all the stuff I need for moose hunting this fall. I will probably drop $1000 on gear so it will all (more than) even out. I could easily spend $50,000 in there in an afternoon. My God, the guns alone could keep me busy for a weekend. Sometimes life in Alaska means 6 hours of driving for about 2 hours of shopping. Nice drive though. The usual Alaska stuff. Mountains. Glaciers. Rivers, streams and the ocean. Yawn.
At least J got to get out of the house and check out a tiny bit of Alaska. Talking about checking out Alaska, I am going ice fishing tomorrow on a Island lake, a lake we have not tried yet, but is stocked with rainbows and Arctic char. Maybe I will finally catch one worth keeping! Tomorrow is the first three day weekend (except Christmas Day) since joining the Alaska Public Defender Agency that I am not going to work. I worked really hard last week to "catch up" from being sick and have decided to fish. As the weather gets better I can see how it will be hard to work at all!


Melissa said…
I'm finallt de-lurking! I've been reading your blog for quite some time but haven't commented and this post broke my streak!

I am also a public defender in N.H. - Nashua. I started out in Littleton, NH, way up North. We covered everything from where our office was (it was like the last exit on I-93) all the way to the Canadien border and it was the big town. Very rural! I met people that were psyched that they were building a Wal-Mart and Home Depot in Littleton! I enjoyed living there very much, but ended up moving to be with my husband.
John said…

Just damn.

Miss that.

(it was worth it)

(we'll be back)

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